Feb 192009
Trang - Satun

The route 404, 416, 4183, 4051
Total distance 238 km
After four nights in Trang it was time to move on, it was the 404 south out of town, this is nothing to write home about as its a boring dual carriageway to Yan Ta Khao. It improves then and just before Palian I take a left onto the 416

Feb 172009
North East of Trang

An unusual choice of food for me tonight, I eat in a Muslim food restaurant and have a chicken curry, theres one in Chiang Rai and I use that if there. This meal cost the grand sum of 25 Baht, two of them plus an extra portion of chicken and I was full and only 60 Baht lighter in the wallet. Thats my quota of rice for february so probably a pizza at Wunderbar tomorrow

Feb 152009
Krabi - Trang

The route 4204, 4034, 4033, hwy 4, 4046, 4162, 4008, 4046

Total distance 271 km

As its only around 130 km between these two places I went for a look around first, shyte 130 km isnt a real ride, it wouldnt even warm the engine up