Mar 032008
Surin-Ubon Ratchathani

The route 214, 2334, 2079, 2076, 2083, 2168, 2404, 226 Total distance 298 km I left Surin heading north on the 214 as far as Chom Phra then turned right onto the 2334 This is a very well surfaced road with some bends At the junction with the 2079 I turn left and ride to Rattana Buri This is another pleasant road but its not nice riding northwards this morning as theres a very strong headwind blowing, but I guess it keeps the temperature down a bit Not much greenery here now At Rattana Buri I turn right onto the […]

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Mar 022008
Udon Thani-Surin

The route 2, 2023, 2231, 2152, 2237, 208, 2, 2228, 23, 2301, 207, 202, 2081, 219, 2378, 4026 Total distance 435 km I left Udon heading south on highway 2 to go to Khon Kaen to hopefully see a workmate from England, I hate highway 2 with a passion so decided to take a much different route. I had to stay on it for 33 km of boredom but then turned left onto the 2023 through to Kumphawapi, then a few km further on where the road forks I took the right staying on the 2023. After a while the […]

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Dec 122007
Surin To Aranyaprathet

It was the 214 heading south out of Surin, across the 24 and then a bit further on a right onto the 224 This was a much more relaxing ride with not much traffic at all but a good road surface I take a turn to the left signposted to Bankhowto on an unnumbered road This is one nice piece of tarmac, the road ends abruptly at a village and then only a dirt track so I turn round and ride back to the 224 I take a left onto the 2407 to go to Prasat Tamuen Thom I mainly […]

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Dec 112007
Si Saket To Surin

I finally moved on out of Si Saket today after eleven pleasant nights staying there, I took the 220 to Khu Khan then the 2201 to join the 24 as far as Sangkha then it was a left onto the 2124 to Bua Chet and just after here a right onto the 2328 to carry on following the border The road certainly narrows in places I take the odd off shoot road and some of them are good pieces of tarmac This fine piece of road is numbered the 4030 I am now on the 2122 Halfway along the 2122 […]

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