Mar 062014
Surat Thani To Chumphon 6/3/2014

The route 2007, 4112, 4114, 4134, 4002, 4011, 4003, 2010, 41, 2018 Total distance 241 km Some shots from along the 2007 Green around these parts, no burning or smog Well surfaced good twisty roads with great scenery make todays ride an enjoyable one At times I ride along the coast Three years ago this was not here when I rode past Good aerial photos from up there Firework time and they were loud Now its time for this monster It was too loud without my fingers poked in my ears so I didnt get any photos until it had […]

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Mar 052014
Nakhon Si Thammarat To Surat Thani 5/3/2014

The route 4015, 4009 Total distance 173 km A roadside breakfast of moo phad kapow, my first pork meal for a few weeks A pleasant ride back between these two cities Its a hot days ride Back in Surat Thani and this dog has got the right idea I am in town just after midday and go to Kawasaki who say they can carry out the service this afternoon. This was a surprise as the 72,000 km service is a major one, so I leave the bike and go for a walk around town This went down rather well. I […]

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Feb 082014
Surat Thani To Satun 8/2/2014

The route 4009, 4110, 403, 4267, 4270, 4123, 419, 404, 4125, 416, 3007, 3001, 4051 Total distance 441 km I got off to an early start so decided to ride the whole journey to Satun today. I have stayed in both of these cities a couple of times before but have never rode from one to the other so it was some new roads for me to ride today The temperature soon got up and this was taken in the shade at 2.30 pm, no wonder I could feel the heat on my legs Plenty of rubber plantations down around […]

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Feb 072014
Chumphon To Surat Thani 7/2/2014

The route 2018, 41, 2010, 3140, 4178, 2019, 4198, 4012, 4019, 4112, 417 Total distance 243 km Breakfast at a cafe next door to the Chumphon Hotel, pleasant enough for 35 Baht A selection of pre cooked dishes here I had to ride for just under 4 km along the 41 but right opposite the Buddah I turn off and ride all the way to Surat Thani without touching it again I better get used to seeing these considering where I am going It turns cloudy for a while but no rain though Lots of these seen today A pleasant […]

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Mar 062011
Surat Thani To Chumphon Avoiding The Highway

The route 417, 4112, 4134, 4002, 4012, 4198, 4011, 4003, 2010, 41, 2018, 327 Total distance 236 km A nice early 7.30 am start but even at that time its very warm and sticky here On the 417 The scenery is still good so far and no sign of any burning yet A jellyfish on maximum zoom A shot of the beach for those of you who like it The ant egg pilferers are on the prowl The white powder that gets put in with the eggs, does anyone know what it is? I eventually emerge on the 41 right […]

Mar 052011
Krabi To Surat Thani

The route 4034, 1003, 4011, 1010, Hwy 4, 4035, 4199, 4133, 4212, 4027, 4178, 4009 Total distance 229 km The 4034 out of town to avoid as much of hwy 4 as possible It hammered down with rain last night for a few hours and apparently has been doing that for a few days now so this greenery should last for a while In one of the villages the mobile fishmonger is doing his rounds Now on the 4035 and what a lovely scenic road, my first time along this road In a weeks time I am going to be […]

Mar 092009
West Of Surat Thani

The route 401, 4133, 4219, 4015, 4246, 401, 4100, 4247, 41, 401
Total distance 297 km
I took the 401 out of town then just after going under the 41 I took a left onto the 4133 and rode along here enjoying some of the rollercoasters before taking a right onto the 4219