Mar 032014
Sungai Kolok To Songkhla 3/3/2014

The route 4056, 4107, 4067, 4063, 409, 4072, 4085, 42, 408, 43 Total distance 311 km Breakfast time in Su-Ngai Padi at N06.08304 E101.88000 A tasty spicy chicken massaman with two portions of chicken for 40 Baht Along the way I had to stop and relieve this lady of some of that lovely khao lam Working elephants were spotted too A completely dried up riverbed Some good twisties today As I headed north out of the problem areas these bacame fewer N07.20303 E100.58986 200 Baht with shared toilet/shower Walking around the market and this looks good enough for tonights meal […]

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Mar 022014
Jerantut To Sungai Kolok 2/3/2014

The route C5, 8, 66, 4, 4057 Total distance 334 km A nice sunny ride back to Thailand today I stopped in Kuala Lipis to enjoy one last Southern Indian dish, chicken curry with bread Plus one with rice for good measure, 110 Baht the lot N04.18679 E102.05428 As I travelled north the terrain got hillier Much lower water levels than what I saw on my last visit Finally a river that could be rode across 200 Baht with private shower/toilet N06.02213 E101.96316 and I even get my reflection in the photo Street food tonight for 60 Baht

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Feb 222011
Sungai Kolok To Betong

The route 4056, 4107, 4060, 4273, 410 Total distance 252 km Riding through a village and its a sad reflection of the troubles here that this vehicle is necessary to protect the teachers and children The platoon Commander comes over, shakes my hand and poses for the photo A rubber tapper at work through the trees Its been looking like rain since I left Sungai Kolok and in places the roads were wet and now its starts raining really hard for a while so I take shelter This tree was pleasing to the eye and from a distance the colour […]

Feb 212011
Sungai Kolok-A Walk Around The Town

A restful day in the town for me today, after a lie in I got up had coffee then took the bike in for a pair of new tyres, then it was off to the bank to get a travellers cheque changed which was more problematic than I expected, I had to try about four banks before I found one that actually performed this service. I would have expected this in the ****end of nowhere but not here, even the Bangkok Bank couldnt do it I go for a wander around town and this Lady is cutting the ice into […]

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Feb 212011
Sungai Kolok-Si Po Waterfall Loop

The route 4057, Unknown, 4193, 4056, 4001, 4055, 4013, 4060, 4018, 4067, 4107, 4008 Total distance 280 km First thing this morning I spot a drawing pin in my front tyre, typical its sunday and the tyre repair shops are shut, I have an aerosol puncture repair if need be but as the tyre is holding fast I just leave it alone and ride. Later on in the day I notice its missing, but no loss of pressure A view from along the 4193 I ride to the other end of the 4056 road that hasnt been completed, it finishes […]

Feb 192011
Sungai Kolok-Si Sakhon-Sungai Kolok Loop

The route 4057, Unknown, 3151, 4115, 4217, 3073, 4013, 4060, 4056 Total distance 253 km I took the 4057 out of town then took a right onto an unnumbered road to avoid the roadworks but not far along here and this short section has a few rather large potholes The surface disappears for a couple of km but not a major problem On the 4115 and this fella seems to have a death wish as rather than crossing the road it appears to want to walk along it in the middle of the road It seems that wheelbarrows have a […]

Feb 182011
Sungai Kolok-Chanee Loop

The route 4057, Unknown, 4115, 4207, 4062, 4217, Total distance 282 km Along the Malaysian border on an unknown road and theres extra hazards to negotiate at this checkpoint Its like a minefield along here Breakfast was in Buketa at the same restaurant as yesterday, three pieces of chicken goring and rice for 30 Baht From Buketa I take an unknown road north and good scenery along here On the 4207 I happen upon this elephant enjoying its breakfast It was making plenty of stops to get food Its making me feel giddy just looking up there Sod that for […]

Feb 172011
Sungai Kolok-Buketa-Malaysian Border-Sungai Kolok Loop

The route 4057, Unknown, 4062, 4241, Unknown, 4115 Total distance 189 km Walking around town late last night and I see this Muslim delicacy being cooked at a roadside stall, its egg and whatever else, coconut was being put on top of other peoples but I declined that, 10 Baht and quite nice too The cooks I set out this morning heading west along the 4047 then take a left onto an unnumbered road and this is much more pleasant riding through the rubber plantations, these guys have a dangerous job in this part of the country. On a few […]

Feb 162011
Ipoh To Sungai Kolok

The route Malaysia 1, E1, 76, 4, Thailand 4057 Total distance 310 km After three fantastic weeks of riding around Malaysia it was time to pack up and ride on back to Thailand It was a chilly morning with low cloud as I rode off at 8 am this morning but not too cold These shots were taken along the E1 For a good part of my trip along the E1 it was good views Heading north now on the 76 Pointing the camera low you see the lush greenery Lifted up a little and the same picture but now […]