Mar 042014
Songkhla To Nakhon Si Thammaratt 4/3/2014

The route 414, 2023, 4181, 4, 1029, 4122, 4163, 41, 4018, 4151, 408 Total distance 305 km N07.19324 E100.59077 A spicy chicken massaman breakfast 50 Baht I certainly didnt repeat the mistake of three years ago by taking the terminally boring coastal road Smaller twisty side roads to start with that had nice scenery I dont know what the excitement here was all about A pleasant scenic ride for the most part It makes a welcome change to see some rubber trees instead of just palm trees everywhere I check in at the Montien Hotel for 200 Baht I didnt […]

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Mar 032014
Sungai Kolok To Songkhla 3/3/2014

The route 4056, 4107, 4067, 4063, 409, 4072, 4085, 42, 408, 43 Total distance 311 km Breakfast time in Su-Ngai Padi at N06.08304 E101.88000 A tasty spicy chicken massaman with two portions of chicken for 40 Baht Along the way I had to stop and relieve this lady of some of that lovely khao lam Working elephants were spotted too A completely dried up riverbed Some good twisties today As I headed north out of the problem areas these bacame fewer N07.20303 E100.58986 200 Baht with shared toilet/shower Walking around the market and this looks good enough for tonights meal […]

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Mar 042009
Pattani To Songkhla

The route 42, 409, 4072, 4085, 4070, 4007, 4001, 4113, 408, 43, 408
Total distance 259 km
It was actually not raining when I got up and the roads were dry for a change, I took the 42 out of town and after about 30 km took the 409, about 10 km later I took a right onto the 4072 and rode to Saba Yoi. Here it was a left onto the 4085 and about 20 km later where the 4085 meets the 4070 I take a right onto the 4070 for about half a km then its a right onto the 4007