Nov 172012
Kanchanaburi-A Cloudy Si Sawat Loop Ride

The Route 323, 324, 3001, 3086, 6030, 3480, 4041, 3199 Total distance 333 km A hot spicy gai phad kapow at Da Wut Cha restaurant for breakfast for 35 baht, then it was time to ride off on the Si Sawat loop Some shots from along the 6030, unfortunately its a cloudy day which I was hoping would have passed by now but it was not to be There is evidence of rainfall here which we didnt have in town Now on the twisty 4041 Plenty of greenery and some of it is on the road, I guess this road […]

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Jan 162011
Kanchanaburi-The 4041 Si Sawat Loop

The route 3158, 3398, 3086, 6030, 3480, 4041, 3199 Total distance 307 km The view from my room on a floating raft on the river Kwai at 8 am this morning I head out of town along the 3158 and some flowers along here Along the 6030 and these kids are trying to get some small twigs with leaves from the tree The hills are beckoning in the distance Along the 3480, a twisty fun road I see quite a few big bikes out here today, my favourite loop has been discovered Near the start of the brilliant 4041 This […]

Jan 272009
Kanchanaburi – Nong Prue – 4041- Si Sawat Loop

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 3480, 4041, 3199, 323
Total distance 296 km
Today it was time to ride the best loop in this area again, at least thats my opinion. I took the 323 heading west then onto the 3199 for a few kms then a right onto the 3398 and a right at the junction with the 3086 and on to Nong Prue. Here its a left onto the 3480 and about 35 kms later a left onto the 4041

Jan 122008
Kanchanaburi-Si Sawat Part 2 The Loop

It was out on the 3199 to Si Sawat again this morning I came across this apparently dying animal between the two ferry ports, I thought it had been in an accident but I flagged down a Songthaew and the occupants all said its old and dying, it tried to get up a couple of times but couldnt, nothing I could do for it Usually I try to get a shot of empty roads but a vehicle on this road is a bit like a train on the northern line, not very often, so I got one whilst I could. […]

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Jan 112008
Kanchanaburi-Si Sawat Part 1

Today it was out of Kanchanaburi on the 3199 to Si Sawat and back Its a bit busy on this road until you get out of town a fair way then it quietens down It starts to get hilly after the first dam This is the dam they keep on about being built on a fault line, it would certainly be a spectacular but deadly sight if it did collapse I call in to take a look where the ferry cuts off about 25 km of road work, I carry on and ride around, I came here to ride bikes […]

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