Jan 112011
Si Saket To Buriram Mostly On A Backroad

The route 226, 2076, 2003, 2018, 3027, 3113, 2083, 3210, 219 Total distance 177 km After eighteen fun days and nights in Si Saket it was time to move on and I took the 226 then the 2076 to Tha Tum and from here explored a new road for me starting off as unnumbered then becoming the 2003 One of the villages that I ride through along the way and its sports time here A bit further along and these guys pull a few fish out while I am watching Another one gets caught and some reasonable sized fish too […]

Jan 102011
Si Saket-On And Offroad To The South East

The route 221, 2125, 2034, 4006, 226 Total distance 144 km This tre was rather pleasing to the eye But it looks like a lot has already fallen off No way of getting away from the onions around here With the correct blade these small petrol cutters cut most things down All these trees have just been cut down with it Along the 2125 and at N14.51.630 E104.35.331 the road turns to dirt 8.3 km later at N14.54.956 E104.37.520 its back to asphalt and the road becomes the 2034, I reach the 2085 and cross straight over still on the […]

Jan 082011
Si Saket-Tha Tum On A Mix Of Asphalt And Dirt

The route 226, 2010, 2083, 4041, 2083, 4018, 4022, Unknown 2076 Total distance 197 km I took the 226 heading west for a few km then a right onto the narrow winding 2010 This road goes through a few villages and was nice and peaceful I reach the 2083 and turn left onto it for a couple of km then its a left onto the 4041 to Bueng Bun That scaffolding looks relatively safe by Thai standards but not that I personally would wish to be up there on it Another pleasant quiet road and fully paved to start with […]

Jan 062011
Si Saket-A Gentle Ride Around

The route 2373, 2168, 2382, 2404, 2408, 2351, 5009 Total distance 130 km First thing this morning was an oil change for only 110 Baht (one of the many benefits of having a domestically produced bike) then out along the 2373 for a very gentle ride around smelling the roses and waving to the locals. First photo is of the Kut Toe Reservoir Along the 2382 I ride to Khueang Nai but Marco is not feeling like a visit today, I say hello to his wife at her pharmacy, buy some medicine then ride back along the 2404 I seem […]

Jan 052011
Si Saket-4 Reservoirs And A Temple

The route 220, 3026, 220, 2167, 4008, 2371, 2124, 2328, 4013, 4030, 214, 3031, 3204, 4038, 4020, 226 Total distance 330 km Out of town along the 220 for a short way then a right onto the 3026 and a pleasant peaceful ride along here Along the 4008 heading towards Sangkha This shot is from the recently completed 4013, it used to head south off of the 2328 for a few km then turn to a dirt track through the woods, now its a fun road that runs south of the 2328 becoming the 4030 and rejoining the 2328 quite […]

Jan 052011
Si Saket-Meandering Through Some Narrow Side Roads

The route 2373, 2168, 2086, 4034, 2089, 4029, 3087, 3012, Unknown, 3022, 2227, 4010, 2351, 3097, 4045, Total distance 232 km Out along the 2168 and the onion planters are busy, this will be one of my first jobs on getting back to England At N15.24.557 E104.04.102 I take a right onto a new stretch of asphalt that wasnt here in february but no road number as it only shows as a dirt track on my gps Theres an awful lot of water in lots of places where I ride today The unknown road turns to dirt after 1.9 km […]

Jan 042011
Si Saket-The Lots Of Animals Trip

The route 220, 2157, 2341, 2046, 4001, 2328, 4004, 4003, Unknown, 2124, 2371, 4008, 2167, 2200, 3026 Total distance 300 km Due to the long holiday the 7-11s are out of most fresh bakery items again today so my usual breakfast was not available, I had a spicy moo pad phrik at the same restaurant as yesterday in Khu Khan, nice but rice two days on the trot is enough for me, hopefully tomorrow everything will be back to normal Today was one of those days when I was surrounded by friendly animals Heading south on the 2341 I take […]

Jan 032011
Si Saket-Chong Sangam-Temples Plus Reservoirs

The route 220, 2157, 2341, 4001, 2201 Total distance 244 km A spicy chicken and basil for breakfast in Khu Khan plus the soup for 30 Baht warmed my stomach up for the days ride Along the 2341 at N14.32.680 E104.12.520 I take a left turn signposted to Wat Pu Sing and 2.8 km later at N14.32.015 E104.13.380 I reach it, or the ongoing construction of it Worth another visit next trip At N14.31.830 E104.12.059 its a right to visit the Huai Sala Reservoir 1.7 km later I reach the overflow at N14.31.721 E104.11.380 Back on the 2341 Further along […]

Jan 022011
Si Saket-Million Bottle Temple Plus Some Reservoirs

The route 221, 2111, 2128, 2341, 3146, 2157, 220 Total distance 209 km I took the 221 then the 2111 to Khun Han to visit Wat Lan Khuat otherwise known as The Million Bottle Temple To find it is easy, from the very big roundabout in Khun Han take the 2128 for 0.4 km then here at N14.36.993 E104.25.196 take a right onto the 2043 and then immediately take another right onto a narrow concrete road for 0.2 km to N14.37.103 E104.25.169 and here it is Its been just over two years since I last visited and everything is exactly […]

Jan 012011
Si Saket-Khao Phra Viharn Plus More Border Riding

The route 221, 2335, 2341, 2128, 2111 Total distance 266 km I took the 221 to ride to Khao Phra Viharn, there were numerous Army checkpoints before reaching the entrance where I had to leave my personal information. I assumed it was then okay to ride to Khao Phra Viharn and followed a local through on his bike then I took a left to ride to Prasat Don Tuan where I have been to before but today I noticed my gps was showing me as having crossed over into Cambodia before reaching it. I rode past it to the Thai […]