Feb 112014
Satun To Alor Setar 11/2/2014

Total distance 133 km I stop roadside not far from the border for what I hoped was going to be my last meal in Thailand for a few months I stopped at the insurance girls office to show her the translated letter from the land transport office and she photocopied it for me Got the bastard today, even better was I gave them the photocopy which they accepted so I still have the original letter and hopefully I wont need to border cross again to renew the ICP in a months time Eat your heart out Thailand, 5.24 litres of […]

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Feb 102014
Satun-Fucking Around At The Border All Day 10/2/2014

I was woken about 5am by the speakers from the local Mosque and wasnt too upset as I wanted an early start. I was packed had my breakfast and was waiting outside the bank for when it opened, travellers cheques changed, Malaysian currency purchased and I was off I stopped to pay the girl for my insurance and to retrieve my phone then on to Thai immigration, the insurance cost 800 Baht for the month not 1000 that I was quoted yesterday At the border and absolutely nobody waiting, this was totally at odds with the almighty queue there yesterday. […]

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Feb 092014
Satun 9/2/2014

The route 406, 2004, 3141, 3005, 4184 Total distance 101 km At the market this morning and I have never seen a white snapper that big before. How many lovely fish&chips could I get out of that tasty bugger Finding an open restaurant that served anything I fancied was a bit difficult this morning I settled on this rather bland Chinese food for 50 Baht close to my hotel Riding to the border and Zainnal from Malaysia stops to chat with me. When I say I rode from Chiang Mai he immediately asks if I know Riders Corner, it seems […]

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Feb 082014
Surat Thani To Satun 8/2/2014

The route 4009, 4110, 403, 4267, 4270, 4123, 419, 404, 4125, 416, 3007, 3001, 4051 Total distance 441 km I got off to an early start so decided to ride the whole journey to Satun today. I have stayed in both of these cities a couple of times before but have never rode from one to the other so it was some new roads for me to ride today The temperature soon got up and this was taken in the shade at 2.30 pm, no wonder I could feel the heat on my legs Plenty of rubber plantations down around […]

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Mar 042011
Satun To Krabi

The route 4051, 3001, 416, 3022, 404, 419, 3010, 4008, 4046, Hwy 4 Total distance 288 km I leave Satun on the 4051 avoiding the busy road with lots of traffic and lights, this is a much nicer ride through the trees Now some shots from along the 416 Some decent bends and not a lot of traffic make this an enjoyable ride Its almost like being in Malaysia again what with all these palm trees Roadside along the 4046 is the Ang Thong Waterfall at N07.33.165 E099.24.788 A final road shot of the twisty 4046, then its hwy 4 […]

Mar 032011
Yala To Satun

The route 409, 4072, 4018, 2028, 4085, 42, 4145, 4135, 4287, 406 Total distance 260 km After four enjoyable nights in Yala it was time to move on, I was a bit apprehensive about staying in Yala because of events in the south but a chance meeting with an Army officer who spoke excellent English put me at ease. He told me downtown Yala is completely safe and that was where I was staying, eating and doing the internet. My LP book says it wins lots of awards for being Thailands cleanest city and yes I was impressed by this […]

Jan 262011
Satun To Alor Setar

The route Thailand 406, 3016, 3008, 3005, 4184, Malaysia R15, R120, 7, R154, R123, Total distance 131 km I took the back roads to the Kuan Don border this morning, exiting Thailand at N06.41.812 E100.10.692. I crossed over to the Malaysian side, bought my months insurance for 550 Baht and went to get my permit, heres where a small problem arose, my driving licence. I never gave it a though to get my Thai driving licence translated as well and suddenly realised that my UK licence was sitting in the UK. The Malaysian official said I would have to go […]

Jan 252011
Satun-Sorting Out Paperwork For Malaysia, A Ride To The Border Plus A Waterfall

The route 406, 4184, 3005, 3008, 3016, 3141, 2004 Total distance 113 km Yesterday afternoon and evening I was running around trying to find out what documents were needed to cross over the border into Malaysia but drew a blank as no one seemed to know, even the Thai Immigration office here in town said just go so this morning I was packed and at the Bangkok Bank to change a travellers cheque at 8.30 am before setting off. Talking to the girl in the bank she said to go to Ons Restaurant where I ate last night as they […]

Jan 242011
Krabi To Satun

The route Hwy 4, 4046, 419, 404, 4125, 416, 3007, 406, 4183 Total distance 324 km A pleasant picturesque view of the river as I ride through Krabi town on my way out this morning Then its out of town and about a 70 km stretch of hwy 4 On the 4046 and a much more pleasant ride Along the 404 and these trees are pleasing on the eye taking away the boredom of the straight 404 Each tree has its own sprinkler system constantly running Along the lovely 4125 and its great riding down here, clear skies and fresh […]

Feb 222009
Satun-Hat Yai

The route 406, 4287, 4135, 4047, hwy 4, 4145, 4054, 4243, 4113, 42, hwy 4
Total distance 386 km
I took the 406 northwards out of Satun and not far short of Rattaphum took a right onto the 4287, a road that strangely isnt on my map, it was signposted to Hat Yai and thats where it went