Dec 142009
Sangkhlaburi - Sai Yok Noi Waterfall - Kanchanaburi

The route 323, 3457, 3199 Total distance 222 km It was cold and foggy in Sangkhlaburi at 7 am this morning I left at around 9 oclock by which time the temperature had risen plus the fog had lifted so visibility wasnt a problem The 323 is a great winding twisty road between Sangkhlaburi and Thong Pha Phum Most of the Thai tourists left last night so I mostly have the road to myself The sign for this place said Pom Pee Viewing I stop at the Kroeng Krawia waterfall Surprisingly theres no charge for this Then some more of […]

Dec 132009
Sangkhlaburi And The Three Pagoda Pass

The route 323 Total distance 105 km I took an early morning stroll across the two bridges here in Sangkhlaburi The pictures are back up now showing the flooding of a few years back when the wooden bridge was under water Plus when the water level drops the submerged temple is fully out of the water A section of the bridge is being replaced Back across the bridges and this cute puppy is put on a table by the owner Time for breakfast and I eat this moo hunglay at the market, it was about the worst moo hunglay that […]

Dec 122009
Kanchanaburi - ETong/Pilok Village - Burmese Border - Sangkhlaburi

The route 323, 3272, 323 Total distance 361 km Out of town along the very busy 323 until Nam Tok then traffic eases a bit, but as its a saturday I guess lots of Thais are getting away for the weekend. There was a recent thread about throwover panniers, these appear to work perfectly and dont touch the exhausts The River Kwai just before Thong Pha Phum At Thong Pha Phum I take a left onto the 3272 to ride to the Burmese border Its a wide road to start with but narrows after a while but properly surfaced all […]

Feb 052009
Sanghklaburi - Kanchanaburi

The route 323 Total distance 218 km Not too far out from Sanghklaburi I stop at this roadside waterfall that I have somehow never noticed before You only have to walk a couple of minutes and amongst the trees its even better It made a pleasant stop and a walk in the shade Now its more of that nice road between Sanghklaburi and Thong Pha Phum As I go past Nam Tok I see the barriers down for the first time ever in countless crossings This is indeed a seldom spotted creature in this part of the world, after the […]

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Jan 182008
Sangkhlaburi-Kanchanaburi Plus The 3272

I took the 323 out of Sangkhlaburi as far as Thong Pha Phum then took the 3272 to Ban I Tong and the Burmese border A few ks out of Thong Pha Phum on the 3272 Its a great road for about 40 km with hardly any traffic at all and some good curves There is this scenic area stop about 15-20 km before the end of the road Its all finished here now, four years ago it was just dirt, nothing like this The road is now a lot narrower for the last 25 km, plus its a slow […]

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Jan 172008
Sangkhlaburi-3 Pagoda Pass-Into Burma

I took the road up to the three pagoda pass today, I had already been told that the border was not open, but that proved to be a help to getting in rather than a hindrance No entry here for vehicles today I noticed lots of motorbikes going along a track so I thought lets follow Here I am riding my bike in Burma, I never expected to get this far but there were no soldiers anywhere today This is my first trip to Burma for about four days and I was having withdrawal symptoms These were all taken whilst […]

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Jan 162008

I took the 323 from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhlaburi today Once you get out past Nam Tok it quietens down a lot and is a pleasant journey As I rode past this lorry was still on its side and the bulldozer was about to pull it upright, I am certainly glad I wasnt leaning against that concrete post The tree took some damage by the look of it, the windscreen of the lorry was completely smashed out but no sign of any injured people This is a well surfaced good quality road some bends and roller coasters at times After Thong […]

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