Mar 232015
23-3-15 Two Go Riding Around Samoeng

Total distance 194 km The riders Lisa and Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Lisa trying to decide which hat to choose Heading along the 1269 we take a left onto this narrow road which had a signpost saying Hmong village An interesting side road that I had never been along before In the Hmong village A stop in Samoeng to buy some strawberries A look in at Mae Sap Cave but neither of us had the enthusiasm for climbing in this heat Next was the Khun Khan NP Riding towards Yang Meon and the water levels are really low Enough water […]

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Nov 262014
New Tracks West Of Samoeng Day 3, 26-11-14

Total distance 175 km Setting out on a track that I hope to join up with another one A small hydro power plant along here This is the spent water , no large dam needed here Just past the plant is a small village Riding back I take an unmapped right turn and this is a steep hill that might be a bit difficult in the wet season, it goes through and links back to the main road At the top and here is the water flowing down for the hydro power Lots of strawberries but I appear to be […]

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Nov 262014
New Tracks West Of Samoeng Day 2, 25-11-14

Total distance 215 km A few sunflowers to start with On dirt now and off to link up with a new track I found two days ago Overlooking a village I will be riding through later I thought my track had disappeared but it did go through The KLX is definitely better today with its lower gearing, both on and off road Some of todays tracks are dead ends and only access to crops but who cares its all new stuff for me and lovely views to go with it Some steep rutted tracks in places A small settlement I […]

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Nov 232014
New Tracks West Of Samoeng 23-11-14

Total distance 204 km Looking down from a bridge along the 4029 west of Samoeng An unmapped track just going to a farm Another track I found that was not on the RC gps map, the ESRI showed it as a dead end but it turned out to be a through track and a good find He was giving it some up that steep hill, there were the occasional concrete strips on steep bits but not many I took a side turn but as I could see it was not going anywhere I couldn’t be bothered to undo the fence […]

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Nov 222014
Finding Unmapped Tracks Around Samoeng And Enjoying Old Ones Again 22-11-14

Total distance 179 km First new one was one I had seen a couple of weeks ago along the 1269, a bit of a rough old track Nice views at the bottom though A few homes here, I was hoping it would go through to link up with another track but sadly didnt An enjoyable little excursion, at least I now know where it goes to Past Samoeng on the 6033 A slight problem by the looks of things I was surprised this particular track was not mapped, it had a lot of traffic using it Moo Hunglay and rice

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Nov 042014
CNX-Mae Win-Samoeng-CNX Loop 4-11-14

Total distance 184 km The riders Gary Honda Wave 125i Colin Kawasaki KLX 250 Plenty of water in the rivers now Gary looking down from above A lovely hot sunny day I haven’t been on one of those things for 17 years and don’t plan on it again either This made a pleasant lunch spot Completely full Last time I rode here it was a badly potholed surface but now its new concrete and much better Lovely views today Gary enjoying a short dirt section A chicken and ginger stir fry with brown rice at Kanjana for 60 Baht (£1.20)

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Jan 202012
Chiang Mai-North Of Samoeng Loop

The route 107, 1096, 6033, 5032, 1269, 121, 107 Total distance 125 km Heading north on the 107 I take a left to ride that pleasant road that joins the 1096 without having to ride to Mae Rim Its a lot more scenic than the 107 After about 20-30 km of the 1096 I take a right onto an unnumbered concrete road that I have not rode on before After a few km the surface turns to unpaved then alternates between concrete and unpaved for a while Its a pleasant find and one more new track under the belt I […]

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Jan 132012
Three Go From Chiang Mai To Samoeng And Beyond

The route 108, 1269, 5032, 4029, 6033/4021 Total distance 201 km The Riders Ally Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 Phil Suzuki DRZ 400 Captain_Slash Kawasaki KLX 250 We met on the 1269 and headed off to Samoeng on a cloudy morning On the 4029 Phil had to leave us here to get back to prepare for the Horizons Unlimited meeting tonight so now its just Ally and myself We dont actually encounter any rain but are often riding on wet roads Its a lunch break in Yang Moen then off along a dirt road that doesnt show on the GPS Thankfully this […]

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Nov 282011
Samoeng-Yang Moen-CNX

The route 108, 1269, 5032, 4029, 6033, 4017, 1096, 107 Total distance 208 km Tourists riding elephants isnt something I normally associate with the 1269 but I saw these along there today I take the 5032 out of Samoeng then after a potholed stretch its a right onto the 4029 Roadblock ahead The road is a mess to start with from landslides and damage from the rainy season but then turns into this lovely road for a while On my last ride here last year there was a bumpy unmade section from N18.52.722 E098.36.618 to N18.53.247 E098.36.102. It is now […]

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Nov 272011
Samoeng Northwards To The 1095

The route 108, 1269, 6033, 1095, 3009, 107 Total distance 179 km The KLX got a 3000 km oil change at a Shell garage today, as its running on Shell oil I thought there was as good a place as any to find it. 137 Baht for the litre plus a bit extra that I had left over from its 1000 km service and off I went, the oil change itself was free Out of Samoeng and along the 6033 for a potter around some roads that I have rode on before plus some new ones A bit of damage […]

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