Feb 122010
Sakon Nakhon - Si Saket

The route 223, 2358, 2339, 2287, 2292, 2042/Hwy 12, 2370, Unknown, 2136, 2169, 202, 2043, 2227, 2083, 2168, 226 Total distance 399 km I head out along the 223 than take a right onto the 2358, quiet pleasant roads once off the main road, not much water flowing in this river I take a left onto the 2339 and stop at this small reservoir, again not a lot of water in it Theres some decent bends along this road A great road both surface wise plus the corners make it a fun roadand if anyone thinks that Isaan is all […]

Feb 112010
Sakon Nakhon - Kusuman - Sakon Nakhon Loop

The route 223, Unknown, 4026, 6022/5022, 6005, 2009, Hwy 22 Total distance 154 km Some friendly dogs next to my hotel this morning as I walk to the 7-11 just around the corner A 350 Suzuki that I have never seen before I head out of town on the 223 and just past Khok Si Suphan I take a left onto an unnumbered road A few km along here I stop at a village The view of this house facing the road is quite decorative A complete contrast is the ugly side view Lots of these things out here drying […]

Feb 102010
Udon Thani To Sakhon Nakhon The Scenic Way

The route Hwy 22, 2007, unknown, 2015, 2350, 2023, 2393, 227, 2218, 213 Total distance 287 km There is no interest for me whatsoever in riding from Udon To Sakon Nakhon along hwy 22, I took it out of town until I went past the km 27 marker then did a U turn and took a left onto the 2007 This is great after that infernal highway and cuts a corner off the journey I ride along the 2007 for six km Then in a village I take a left onto an unnumbered road After 3.2 km I reach a […]

Nov 212008
Sakon Nakhon - Mukdahan - Khong Chiam - Ubon Ratchathani

The Route 223, 2358, 2339, 2287, 2292, 2042, 212, 2034, 2242, 202, 2112, 2134, 2222, 217 Total Distance 450km The trips are getting longer, today was my highest ever km on the Phantom. I left Sakon Nakhom after four pleasant nights there, a very friendly place I found it to be. I took the 223 heading towardsThat Phanom then about 15km out took a right onto the 2358, not a road that I would recommend, it wasnt particularly pleasant but I had to find out. This joins the 2339 and at the junction I took the left and this road […]

Nov 192008
Sakon Nakon- The Town

Today was a day off from riding, I needed to get some welding done as my rack snapped on one side yesterday, I went to one of the Honda shops and one of the staff took me to an accessory shop that did it for me, it took them an hour and only cost me 200 Baht, no complaints from me