Jan 232011
Ranong To Krabi The Scenic Route

The route Hwy 4, 401, 4090, 4040, 1002, 1010, 4011, 1003, 4034 Total distance 324 km It was hwy 4 for a long way this morning but a pleasant ride along a scenic road was the reality This stream was the source of the kids attention Now I am on the twisty 4090 Clear skies and lots of greenery around these parts They seem to be enjoying themselves playing in the rubber A really twisty section now Phangnga Province sure is attractive, no fires here After a short stint back on hwy 4 I turn right onto the 4040 and […]

Jan 222011
Ranong-The 6011-4139 Awesome Mountain Loop

The route 4005, 4001, 4091, 1007, 6011, 4014, 4139, 5023 Total distance 185 km Out along the 4005 and that looks a bit of a tricky climb A shot from along the 4001 The 1007 is another fun twisty road At the start of the 6011 and this looks at first like a giant km marker but I have no idea what it says I saw coffee out drying everywhere today The start of the brilliant 6011s bends, I am riding it from the opposite direction today This road doesnt seem to be on maps but at least its been […]

Jan 212011
Ranong-Heo Lom Waterfall Plus A Loop Through The Mountains

The route Hwy 4, 4006, Unknown, 41, 4139, 6011, 1007, 4091 Total distance 249 km First thing this morning was breakfast at the Muslim Restaurant at N09.57.858 E098.38.043 In preparation for my forthcoming trip into Malaysia I have a lovely chicken massaman for breakfast, I do like the southern thai hot fiery food a hell of a lot more than the other stuff, 40 Baht for this nice meal On the wall of the restaurant was this copy of the Kings birth certificate, his picture is everywhere but I dont remember seeing this anywhere before Time to set off, I […]

Jan 202011
Chumphon To Ranong-Two Waterfalls Plus A Ride Along The Burmese Border

The route 327, Hwy 4, 3117, 1006, 1008 Total distance 225 km I headed out of town along the 327 then took hwy 4 west, hwy 4 is now a single carriageway with curves thats a pleasure to ride and not too much traffic as that is now heading down the 41 I take a left onto the 3117 and ride 3.5 km to the Chum Saeng waterfall at N10.30.030 E098.53.029 but only a trickle of water is coming down now Theres more water flowing from those sprinklers I ride a few km further along hwy 4 then take a […]

Feb 142009
Ranong - Krabi

Its one of the nicest burgers that I have eaten for a very long time for tonights eat, 135 Baht for this very tasty filling meal at Good Dream Guest House/Restaurant, I am not staying here as they are already full, with good food like that on offer I am not surprised either

Feb 132009
Ranong - Through The Mountains On A New Road

The route Hwy 4, 4091, 1007, 6011, 1007, 4091, Hwy 4 Total distance 179 km I took hwy 4 north for about 28 kms then took a right onto the 4091 A narrowish but very twisty road Plus the good scenery thats in abundance in this province After 12.8 km the 4091 turns right and will become the 4139, I carry on ahead on an unnumbered road for 1.9 km then take a left onto the 1007, this is a wider road but straight it most certainly isnt After 9.9 km I take a right onto the 6011 and this […]