Mar 082014
Prachuap Khiri Khan To Phetchaburi Without Touching Hwy 4 8/3/2014

The route 1042, 4020, 3168, 1052, 2052, 3301, 3410, 4019, 4024, 3204, 3171 Total distance 240 km Spicy chicken curry for breakfast 40 Baht and I am off Sad looking old dog along the road Some scenic views here alright Lots of monkeys hanging around here too No trains spotted today I encounter a short unpaved section and luckily its a pot hole free stretch as the bike is a bit too laden for offroad riding Today I managed the entire journey between these two towns without touching the main highway. This means that of the 685 km I have […]

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Mar 072014
Chumphon To Prachuap Khiri Khan 7/3/2014

The route 3180, 3201, 3253, 3411, 3374, 3459, 4, 1041, Total distance 214 km Never far away from the coast today, its only a short way inland to hwy 4 and I want to avoid that as much as possible Pleasant roads again Its not often I see a train despite riding along the tracks pretty often I stop for lunch at the beach and its sweltering, this dog has the right idea I seldom see anyone on the beach I happen upon these who have just fallen off, the one with the shorts on points out blood on his […]

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Feb 062014
Prachuap Khiri Khan To Chumphon 6/2/2014

The route Hwy4, 1041, 1048, 1029, 3459, 4007, 3374, 3411, 4015, 3253, 4004, 3201, 3180, 5056 Total distance 208 km It was hwy4 for a short way then I got off to enjoy the slower more scenic side roads. The railway line was crossed quite a few times today but no trains were spotted This lady was busy tossing the coconuts This went down very well in the heat, its certainly warming up where I am, 45 Baht and very enjoyable too A very deserted beach along here I check in at my usual stay when in town at N10.49894 […]

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Feb 052014
Phetchaburi To Prachuap Khiri Khan 5/2/2014

The route Hwy4, 1014, 4024, 4019, 3410, 3301, 1052, 4030, 1037, 1001 Total distance 217 km Breakfast time and this looks like I might enjoy the food here Once I got the camera out they asked to be in the photo I think the younger one was more in love with the bike though Spoilt for choice at N13.11041 E099.95039 This lovely chicken curry and a bottle of water was 40 Baht Once underway I got off the terminally boring highway 4 as soon as possible to enjoy the slower quieter back roads Lots of monkeys here I stop to […]

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Jan 192011
Prachuap Khiri Khan To Chumphom Virtually All The Way On Side Roads

The route 3167, 1041, Hwy 4, 1048, 1029, 3459, 4045, 3374, 3411, 3253, 4004, 3201, 3180, 4008, 4001, Total distance 224 km I set off riding through the town and quickly spot Mans (or in this case Womans) best friend being helpful This was one friendly dog and he was only too happy to let me stroke him, I ride on taking the 3167 out of town then a ride along the 1041 which together save me 16 km of hwy 4 Then its a 24 km section of hwy 4 until N11.32.593 E099.37.724, here I turn left onto this […]

Jan 182011
Phetchaburi To Prachuap Khiri Khan Mainly On Side Roads

The route Hwy 4, 3187, 3175, 3410, 3301, 1052, 4030, 1037, Unknown, 1001, 1021, 4020, Total distance 229 km I took hwy 4 for about 15 km then took a right onto the 3187 to ride alongside the irrigation canal, what a relief after the horrible hwy 4. Somewhere along the 3410 I take a left to view a cliff and here its the entrance to something but nothing shows on my map or gps, theres a few monkeys running around here The Khao Tao Mo Reservoir but not much water in it The cliff I came to view that […]

Mar 152009
Prachuap Khiri Khan - Around The Town

Today is possibly the first time since buying the Phantom on 3rd november that I haven’t ridden it, it was two legs and not two wheels today
A walk north from the hotel to climb up there to start with
Plenty of monkeys around even down here, I was told at the hotel about a tourist who got badly bitten recently, apparently he was carrying bananas and when a monkey tried to grab them he wouldn’t let go and got bitten for his troubles