Mar 092014
Phetchaburi To Kanchanaburi 9/3/2014

Total distance 201 km Nice and green around Phetchaburi This white temple looks a lot better than on a previous visit Not much water in the rivers now As I get closer to Kanchanaburi the haze is getting noticeable Breakfast along the route No wonder it was spicy In Kanchanaburi and time to eat The best moo hunglay that I know of is here and its been a month or so since I last ate it. 40 Baht

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Mar 082014
Prachuap Khiri Khan To Phetchaburi Without Touching Hwy 4 8/3/2014

The route 1042, 4020, 3168, 1052, 2052, 3301, 3410, 4019, 4024, 3204, 3171 Total distance 240 km Spicy chicken curry for breakfast 40 Baht and I am off Sad looking old dog along the road Some scenic views here alright Lots of monkeys hanging around here too No trains spotted today I encounter a short unpaved section and luckily its a pot hole free stretch as the bike is a bit too laden for offroad riding Today I managed the entire journey between these two towns without touching the main highway. This means that of the 685 km I have […]

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Feb 052014
Phetchaburi To Prachuap Khiri Khan 5/2/2014

The route Hwy4, 1014, 4024, 4019, 3410, 3301, 1052, 4030, 1037, 1001 Total distance 217 km Breakfast time and this looks like I might enjoy the food here Once I got the camera out they asked to be in the photo I think the younger one was more in love with the bike though Spoilt for choice at N13.11041 E099.95039 This lovely chicken curry and a bottle of water was 40 Baht Once underway I got off the terminally boring highway 4 as soon as possible to enjoy the slower quieter back roads Lots of monkeys here I stop to […]

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Feb 042014
Kanchanaburi To Phetchaburi 4/4/2014

The route 3228, 3209, 4011, 5097, 4025, 4006, 3313, 3206, 3510, 3349, Hwy4 Total distance 208 km I popped around to see Roger before I left and he showed me his new toy It takes off very quickly and reaches a decent height Its done its job and got some photos so now it comes back down to land Three of the aerial shots Time to get moving and this girl is busy collecting her crop It was hot in Kanchanaburi but as I got about halfway it got very windy and at one stage I thought it was going […]

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Mar 082011
Phetchaburi To Kanchanaburi Plus A New Temple

The route Hwy 4, 3349, 3510, 2051, 3123, 3206, 3313, 3087, 4025, 3274, 4011, 3209, 3228, 3305 Total distance 237 km An early morning visitor lurking in my room A few km on hwy 4 then its a left onto the 3349 and a much quieter more scenic route I was away before 7.30am and not a long ride today so time to explore a bit I take a left onto the 2051 which my gps shows as linking back to the 3206 This very playful friendly dog soon finds me There are some new asphalt roads out along this […]

Mar 082011
Chumphon To Phetchaburi

The route 3180, 3201, 3253, 3411, 3374, 4007, 3459, 1029, 1048, Hwy 4, 1037, 4030, 3218, 3219, 3301, 3410, 3175, 3187 Total distance 402 km An early morning shot from along the 3180 Quite a picturesque hedge See how nice and green it is leaving Chumphon I was planning on stopping at Prachuap Khiri Khan but I was going past there by midday so I rode on along hwy 4 for another 60+ km then took a left onto the 1037 The pineapple pickers are busy I get given a couple of pineapples, one will do for dessert tonight On […]

Jan 182011
Phetchaburi To Prachuap Khiri Khan Mainly On Side Roads

The route Hwy 4, 3187, 3175, 3410, 3301, 1052, 4030, 1037, Unknown, 1001, 1021, 4020, Total distance 229 km I took hwy 4 for about 15 km then took a right onto the 3187 to ride alongside the irrigation canal, what a relief after the horrible hwy 4. Somewhere along the 3410 I take a left to view a cliff and here its the entrance to something but nothing shows on my map or gps, theres a few monkeys running around here The Khao Tao Mo Reservoir but not much water in it The cliff I came to view that […]

Jan 172011
Kanchanaburi And Onto Petchburi

The route 3305, 3228, 3209, 3274, 4025, 3087, 3313, 3206, 3510, 3349, Hwy 4 Total distance 201 km Plenty of cheerful workers cutting the sugar cane down I could hear them talking and laughing away Further along and these two were weeding the coriander field Personally I would have left the weeds and thrown the coriander away, I detest the stuff Some dips and curves on todays trip Reasonable scenery too, I enjoy todays ride but dont take any more photos. Once the side roads run out I have to ride a 10-15 km section of hwy 4 but not […]

Dec 172009
Phetchaburi - Nong Ya Plong Hot Springs - Kanchanaburi

The route Hwy 4, 3349, 6026, 3510, 3206, 3313, 3087, 4025, 3274, 3209, 3228 Total distance 244 km First stop this morning was the Honda shop as yesterday the two brackets that my spotlights and mounting bar was attached to snapped. Considering the weight of these extras on two small brackets they did well to last the 55000 km that I have covered, especially off road riding has the spotlights wildly jumping around. Unsurprisingly the shop didnt have the brackets, possibly no one has ever needed them before but they offered to weld them for me. I didnt fancy them […]

Dec 162009
Phetchaburi - The Two Dams Trip

The route Hwy 4, 3175, 3410, 3301, 1052, 3218, 4030, 1037, 4028 Total distance 289 km I took hwy 4 south for about fifteen km then took a right onto the 3175 and a pleasant quiet road compared to the highway The road has now become the 3410 Some good bends along this very well surfaced road I visit the Ban Yang Chum reservoir that was completely empty in february as the dam was only just being built, you can now see some water in the middle Whereas in this photo from february there wasnt any A nice new road […]