Mar 252014
Mae Sot 25/3/2014 Another Missing Omkoi- Mae Sot Link Mapped

Total distance 270 km It was a 6.45 am start this morning as the great unknown was awaiting me Not a lot of water flowing now A couple of new villages were found along the unmapped track It was pretty easy going Very dry and dusty but I got a little concerned when upon reaching Mae Tun it looked like rain I nearly hit this monster turd, that would have ended my trip for sure A track went off and I guess theres a village 7.5 km along it but I pressed on instead Another useful missing link found and […]

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Nov 172007
Mae Sarieng To Om Koi Round Trip

I took the 108 out of Mae Sarieng towards Hot for about 65 km then it was a right onto the 1099 for Om Koi This is a really good road with the scenery to match At Om Koi I stop for a snack and then it was on towards Mae Tun still on the 1099, the road narrows now but a good new surface that was only getting its yellow lines painted today I am at at a great height now taking these photos I wonder if this bridge was ever finished as there was no sign anywhere of […]

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