Dec 022012
Kanchanaburi-A Dirt Adventure North Of Nong Prue

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 4015, 4042, 3480, 4031 Total distance 321 km Chicken fried with basil at Jolly Frog for 30 Baht then off north exploring more new territory I take the same route up as yesterday then take the 4042 for a short while before taking a left at N14 46.365 E099 24.038 onto a dirt track Dirt finishes at N14 47.089 E099 21.850 Another dirt section starting at N14 47.583 E099 20.721 to N14 48.447 E099 21.141 and more dirt from N14 49.326 E099 21.435 to N14 50.303 E099 20.067 These kids seem to be enjoying […]

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Dec 012012
Kanchanaburi-Tracks North Of Nong Prue

The route 323, 3199, 3398, 3086, 4015, 3480, 4031, 3011 Total distance 365 km Yellow rice and chicken for breakfast 35 Baht then its another early start on a bright sunny morning I ride north past Nong Prue then once on the 4015 its photo time Now on an unnumbered road that takes me to the Lam Taphoen Reservoir, its great scenery along here and today is my first time riding here Not quite full to capacity, my first visit to this reservoir Now riding along the 4031 I have visited this small reservoir along here many times before I […]

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Jan 242009
Kanchanaburi - Nong Prue

The route 3158, 3398, 3086, 3480, 3086, 3398, 3199 323
Total distance 286 km
The morning started with a trip to the Honda dealer for the 20000 km service, I asked them to replace the air filter and spark plug as I was still using the originals. Shock horror I was presented with a bill for 594 Baht, once I recovered from this financial catastrophe I realised that 7000+ Baht was what that would have cost had I still been riding the Bm. Cheap as chips running a domestic model compared to an imported bike