Mar 222015
Nan To Chiang Mai 22-3-15

Total distance 290 km A hot sticky start from Nan, yesterday afternoon it felt like rain was about to come down but it remained dry 30 or so km out of town it was cooler and felt a lot fresher as there must have been some rain last night Still too hazy at the scenic point though This spot along the 1251 is always full of water Spicy Indian chicken curry and brown rice at Kanjana 70 Baht

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Mar 202015
Nan 20-3-15 Nanthaburi National Park Link Up Completed

Total distance 138 km Todays I go to try to link up with the track that Oddvar and I discovered back in December but couldn’t get through because it was too overgrown Still have running water here I am now in the bamboo forest where I had to also turn around because of overgrown grass within a km or so of linking through a couple of days after the trip with Oddvar This is where I left my turnaround waypoint and the grass has been cleared by a machine which has also helpfully filled in the deep ruts too A […]

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Mar 192015
Nan 19-3-15 New Tracks Near Wiang Sa

Total distance 125 km First stop was the Nam Kian reservoir Last visit in January and they were raising the overflow barrier, its all completed now ready for the rainy season Exploring new tracks not far from Wiang Sa Huai Lapmuan Phuan reservoir I am riding across the overflow and the water level is well down Lots of tracks out here waiting to be explored Huai Haen An unknown unshowing reservoir Not helping the situation The culprit The fire has been burning for a while This narrow bridge was sturdy enough but relegates the track to a single track for […]

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Mar 182015
Nan 18-3-15 Wa Hydropower And New Dirt Tracks

Total distance 154 km Back to front photos again today Riding towards Wiang Sa along the Wa and its brown everywhere I manage to loop back to the 1243 A few up here to explore Time to explore another new dirt track Electricity is still being produced though I had wrongly assumed that the flow from the Wa would be sufficient to keep the water level flowing over the weir No water at all at the weir At the dam Here are three photos from a few years ago taken at the same spot showing what has been destroyed This […]

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Mar 172015
Nan 17-3-15 Two Find New Dirt Around Bo Klua

Total distance 224 km The riders Steve Honda CRF 250L Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Back to front photos again today Reaching the 1168 and fires are burning Back in Santisuk and its a dirt track to head home Now to enjoy the 1257 Still a bit of water flowing here This bridge makes me giddy just looking at it Along the 1333 and the Wa is looking a bit brown from the dredging taking place upstream All mod cons here Finally the end of the track on top of the hill Now on a track off the 1333 and it […]

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Mar 162015
Nan 16-3-15 Two Ride Offroad From Mae Charim To Nan

Total distance 110 km The riders Steve Honda CRF 250L Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Bit of a late start then it was off to Mae Charim to tidy a few loose ends up Rather a lot of workers here today Lots of bikes too We find some new unmapped tracks and ride further on an already partly mapped one Steve gunning it up the hill The end of this track Plenty more dust was chucked up today Another track ends here A bit of a traffic jam at this point Bulldust alleyway, it was steep and dusty but no problems […]

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Mar 152015
Nan 15-3-15 Two Go Offroad Down Some Steep Hills

Total distance 220 km The riders Steve Honda CRF 250L Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 The trip report is back to front again today courtesy of the photo uploader Finally in a cloud of dust the CRF is back up the hill and we ride home They didn’t have a rope but did have a hose pipe so that was used A few km up the track I find these two who were only too happy to follow me back and help out We go down a few steep ones with a loose surface and the CRF wont get back up, […]

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Mar 142015
Nan 14-3-15 Three Have A Fun Dusty Day

Total distance 134 km The riders Steve Honda CRF 250L Steve Honda CRF 250L Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Back to front photos today The two Steves enjoying a water crossing A well banana laden bike I take a wrong turn but fortunately it means a new unmapped track was found which contained this lovely single track bridge The view from the bridge A real dusty days riding, leading was the best place to be Her dinner doesn’t look very appetising Pretty much dried up here Early afternoon in the shade A good bit of ridgeline riding Ready to set off […]

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Mar 132015
Nan 13-3-15 West Of Town

Total distance 90 km Someone has been shooting at the sign Flatter riding today A short single track section was found She’s advancing with a knife and a sharpened bamboo stick I ride out to where Thomas showed me a waterfall back in January, he had problems getting his scooter over the bridge as it was so steep but now its a lot easier Back then you could ride through the water but now a bridge has been made A new bridge on the other side as well A well dried up reservoir These kids certainly didn’t need any encouraging […]

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Mar 122015
Nan 12-3-15 New Tracks North West Of Town Day 4

Total distance 113 km More unmapped tracks off the 1091 Lots of tracks out here, some make loops but all dead ends eventually and exiting at the point of entry Burning has taken place but no fires were seen today which was good Getting seriously dusty now though I was expecting this to be a dead end but it created a loop Pork roast at Tony’s Place 180 Baht

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