Nov 302007
Ubon To Nam Yuen And Around

I took the 24 to Det Udom then the 2171 to Nam Yuen Mainly tapioca along the 2171, in fact its all you can see in many places I happened across this poor little bugger on the way Hes bleeding around the mouth, I get a long enough stick and lift him onto the verge He doesnt appear to want to move and then I notice quite a lot of blood dripping from his mouth, death is near I guess At the T junction its a right onto the 2248 which is okay for a short while and then there […]

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Nov 292007
Ubon-Buntharik-Laos Market-Emerald Triangle-Nam Yuen

I took the 24 to Det Udom then the 2182 to Buntharik and on to where the army checkpoint is The checkpoint is open today and only 1 or 2 km later the tarmac finishes Its then this dirt track which has some deep puddles in places but didnt appear slippery When I saw this marker post I wondered if I was in Laos But a km or so farther on I came to the border, all I had to do was put my name in the book to go across, no passport was asked for. One of the soldiers […]

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