Jan 152011
Nakhon Sawan To Kanchanaburi

The route 3005, 3319, 3013, 3438, 3282, 3011, 333, 3086, 3199, Total distance 312 km I headed out of town just before 9 am, not such a long journey today so no 7 am start, out on the open road and this statue was roadside The chemicals are being added to the water for spraying the rice A good stir and its ready for spraying Further along and lots of sunflowers Smelling the sunflowers today I wave to the locals and my wave is returned Huai Kai Thuean Samo Thong Hot Spring at N15.20.513 E099.30.946 The overflow at N15.20.493 E099.31.713 […]

Jan 142011
Buriram To Nakhon Sawan

The route 226, 205, 201, 2170, 225 Total distance 485 km A nice fresh chilly morning here in Buriram as I ride off at 7am, I have a long days ride on unfamiliar roads for me and an early start was a must, once a few km out of town and the 226 is a pleasant not too busy road A shot from the 2170 Now from the 225 on which I spent a long time today From the Phao Phang Heuy View Point I ride through a village and as its 2000 km since my last oil change I […]

Dec 022009
Nakhon Sawan - Kanchanaburi - The Four Dams Trip

The route 3005, 3319, 3013, 3456, 3504, 3473, 3438, 3282, 3011, 333, 3086, 3398, 3199 Total distance 417 km I headed out of town on the 3005 to Krok Phra At Krok Phra I take the 3319 and stop to look in at the Wang Ro Dam, not much water in here At Thap Than I take a right onto the 3013 A few km later its a right onto the 3456 and some bends along here I have never ridden this section of the 3456 before and its a very pleasant road A short spell on the 3504 then […]

Dec 012009
Nakhon Sawan - Taphan Hin - Nakhon Sawan

The route 225, 1118, 1313, 1067, unknown, 1067, 1118, 225 Total distance 250 km I headed out of town on the 225 Lots of workers in thid field hoeing I was curious about the crop, it was chillies At Chun Saeng its a left onto the 1118 Lots of rice along here today This dog greets me with a lot of barking as I stop to photo his property Then its time to calm down Photo taken now its time for a kip In the middle of this photo is a big monitor lizard, it was still on the edge […]

Nov 302009
Nakhon Sawan - Phichit - Nakhon Sawan Loop

The route 1182, 1084, 1074, 1276, 1068, 1070, 1289, 117, 1073, 1084 Total distance 255 km Last night my landlady said to put the bike inside the shop as it would be safer, I would have left it outside but if it had been stolen I would have been pretty pissed off for ignoring her advice. This morning when I got up she had taken it outside and washed it, definitely wife material this one, shame I dont want to settle down I walked fifty metres to the Family Mart to get some water and as I was feeling a […]

Nov 292009
Nakhon Sawan Locality

mbox999 met me at where I am staying this morning and showed me some places around and out of town Views from a temple on the hill looking down at the city Then we stopped to see this impressive building designed to look like a ship Then it was a trip to Nakhon Sawan beach These friendly guys were all on assorted bikes I nearly bought one of these in 1975 in the UK as my first bike The bikes immaculate with 86000 km on the clock Look at that oil tight engine, not that many manufacturers gave you that […]

Nov 282009
Mae Sot - Nakhon Sawan

The route 105, 1108, 1110, unknown, 4001, 1116, 4003, unknown, 1117, 1072, 3054, 3473, 3013, 3319, 3005 Total distance 412 km I left just past 8 am and once up in the hills between Mae Sot and Tak it was a bit foggy and rather chilly A right onto the 1108 and this house has a brick wall around it which isnt the normal for Thailand A few km further along and this red brick house is rather striking I take a right onto the 1110 and then a right onto an unnumbered road to see where it leads to […]