Feb 242014
Melaka To Jerantut 24/2/2014

The route 61, 9, 2, 98 Total distance 298 km I stop for breakfast in Tampin at N02.47102 E102.23157 Once on 9 it soon becomes a twisty fun road I spotted a few of these today out in the smaller towns I reckon the 9 is probably one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets I guess this poor creature got hit as its bleating in discomfort N03.93479 E102.35898 80 Baht, my cheapest find in Malaysia so far, thats what my LP book gives as its rate five years ago and its still the same today N03.93622 E102.37333 More lovely Indian food […]

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Feb 232014
Ipoh To Melaka 23/2/2014

The route 1, A134, 1205, B74, B24, B35, 1210, B202, 2, E2, 19 Total distance 406 km Leaving Ipoh Breakfast time about 50 km south of Ipoh at N04.22168 E101.23011 At one stage I thought I was in Thailand, dont normally see this here N02.19663 E102.24789 300 Baht N02.19669 E102.25170 Nice and fiery it was too

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Feb 022011
Melaka To Mersing

The route 5, 50, 3 Total distance 246 km I leave Melaka and its an okay ride along the 5 but nothing interesting to photo At N01.51.818 E102.57.534 I stop here for breakfast A samba chicken for 55 Baht, this is Indian Muslim food and it was very nice Along the 50 it rains occasionally, heavy for a very short spell then quickly clears up Just down the road and its as dry as a bone, some good bends along here Theres a lot of water laying around along this road Its looking a bit wet over the hills A […]

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Feb 012011
Ipoh to Melaka

The route 5, E19, 73, A17, 109, A18, 5, M143, M142 Total distance 446 km The view from my bedroom window this morning at about 7am, I was considering going up into the mountains again to carry on exploring as it looked so good but then Lip Meng turned up with some brochures for me and advised me to go to Melaka today as Chinese new year is about to start and rooms will be hard to find there I took the 5, E19, 73 then the A17 to get as scenic a ride as possible Its lovely and green […]