Feb 072011
Kuantan To Kuala Terengganu

The route 14 Total distance 231 km After a few pleasant days in Kuantan it was time to head north, I took the inland 14 rather than the coastal 3 and it soon turned into a pleasant journey The water level in the river from the recent rains has really subsided now A fantastic road and splendid scenery I stop in Bukit Besi for breakfast at N04.45.330 E103.11.706 and this ayam masak merah was a very delicious meal indeed for 35 Baht This bus shelter looks like its seen better days Some friendly locals who lived opposite, from here I […]

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Feb 062011
Kuantan-Chenor-Kuantan Loop

The route C 13, 3, C 106, C 21, C 133, 2, C 23, C 130, C 108, 82 Total distance 399 km I took the c 13 then the 3 south to Pekan then took a right onto the C 106 My Malaysian counterpart inspecting his bricklaying I tried lifting one of these up and couldnt believe how heavy they are I am riding along the north side of the Sungai Pahang river and two days ago I wouldnt have got through here as its gone down a good metre since then This poor fella has been hit by […]

Feb 052011

The route 2, C 123, 1553, C 143, 64 Total distance 348 km A shot from along the 2 on another dry warm morning The water has subsided and the football pitch is now not submerged anymore, a few days of this hot sunshine and that grass should be nice and green My bike is due for an oil change but because of the Chinese new year the bike shops are closed, this little shop is open so I get it done here. It seems to be the same policy as in Thailand, pay for the oil and its changed […]

Feb 042011
Kuantan-Temerloh-Kuantan Loop

The route 183, 3, 82, C108, C130, C8, 10, 2 Total distance 345 km I took the 183 and 3 south to Pekan then here I took a right onto the 82 to ride alongside the river A high fast flowing river thats nearly up to the roads level I guess theres a very good reason why those houses are elevated The above two houses need a boat to reach them As I stop for a photo these two gents come along and stop to see if I am okay, they are taking a holiday here from Singapore where they […]

Feb 032011
Mersing To Kuantan

The route 3, 63, 12, 2 Total distance 243 km It was one of those days today, I got up and packed in the sunshine but as I was about to leave it started raining, I put my wet gear on and rode off, less than 1 km later the roads were bone dry and the 3 was a joy to ride with some good bends like the above one A cemetery along the roadside I stop for breakfast at this Muslim restaurant just before Endau at N02.38.456 E103.37.842 A delicious chicken Ayam Berlada and fried noodles for 60 Baht […]

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