Feb 092011
Kuala Terengganu To Kota Bharu

The route 3, T3, D11, D8, Total distance 171 km Out along the 3 at Permaisuri I stop to eat here at N05.31.358 E102.44.656 It seems that every restaurant has its cat Another Ayam Masak Merah for breakfast and this was a very good spicy one Todays ride isnt the most scenic one I turn right onto the T3 Its a bit better along here The journey now gets less interesting and its a relief to get to my destination I check in here at N06.07.874 E102.14.545 Secure parking here, the bikes locked up in the garden 150 Baht per […]

Feb 082011
Kuala Terengganu To Gua Musang And Back

The route 3, T 11, T 137, 1744, 8, T 139, T 9 Total distance 428 km Early this morning and this old iron barge was chugging up river, a nice view from my accommodation It was a bit cloudy this morning resulting in not so good visibility plus as I started to climb it was quite cold The sky clears and its now great scenery and a good twisty road The large Tasik Kenyir This is one great road now Apart from where its slightly sunk Further on and it really has sunk Another pothole Thankfully this one is […]

Feb 072011
Kuantan To Kuala Terengganu

The route 14 Total distance 231 km After a few pleasant days in Kuantan it was time to head north, I took the inland 14 rather than the coastal 3 and it soon turned into a pleasant journey The water level in the river from the recent rains has really subsided now A fantastic road and splendid scenery I stop in Bukit Besi for breakfast at N04.45.330 E103.11.706 and this ayam masak merah was a very delicious meal indeed for 35 Baht This bus shelter looks like its seen better days Some friendly locals who lived opposite, from here I […]

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