Feb 112011
Kota Bharu To Ipoh

The route 8, D 30, A 181, 1 Total distance 354 km After a couple of pleasant nights in Kota Bharu it was time to move back to Ipoh now that the weather has hopefully improved as I want to explore more in the mountains. A quick 7am phone call to my hotel in Ipoh confirmed that they had a room for me so I packed and was on the road for 8.15 (7.15) Thai time, its a nice time to leave with virtually no traffic in town and a nice pleasant riding temperature After seeing a conscientious father making […]

Feb 102011
Kota Bharu-Through The Hills-Jeli-Kota Bharu Loop

The route 8, D228, 66, 4, 129, 3 Total distance 310 km At my guest house this morning and nice to see that some take their childrens safety seriously by making them wear a crash helmet Out along the 8 and there are other things grown in Malaysia besides palm trees Once I am quite a few km out of town the road and the scenery improves That mixer doesnt look like its been used for a long time I stop for breakfast at N05.18.477 E102.16.776, and here I make a bad mistake and learn a valuable lesson I ask […]

Feb 092011
Kuala Terengganu To Kota Bharu

The route 3, T3, D11, D8, Total distance 171 km Out along the 3 at Permaisuri I stop to eat here at N05.31.358 E102.44.656 It seems that every restaurant has its cat Another Ayam Masak Merah for breakfast and this was a very good spicy one Todays ride isnt the most scenic one I turn right onto the T3 Its a bit better along here The journey now gets less interesting and its a relief to get to my destination I check in here at N06.07.874 E102.14.545 Secure parking here, the bikes locked up in the garden 150 Baht per […]