Feb 232014
Ipoh To Melaka 23/2/2014

The route 1, A134, 1205, B74, B24, B35, 1210, B202, 2, E2, 19 Total distance 406 km Leaving Ipoh Breakfast time about 50 km south of Ipoh at N04.22168 E101.23011 At one stage I thought I was in Thailand, dont normally see this here N02.19663 E102.24789 300 Baht N02.19669 E102.25170 Nice and fiery it was too

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Feb 212014
Ipoh 21/2/2014

The route E1, A164, A154, A3 Total distance 151 km N04.59270 E101.08464 Out on the road and rubber is also seen, not only palm plantations Some scenic twisty roads today Those are rather heavy I wonder how long ago this bridge failed Ahead of me its pissing down but only a few drops where I am standing A lot of spray being thrown up A short section of wet road then its back to hot and dry again An old 2 stroke Suzuki Its pleasing to see Castrol Bike Points are in Malaysia too Spicy chicken masala

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Feb 192014
Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar 19/2/2014

The route A13, 1, A160, E1 Total distance 161 km The riders Brian Yamaha 135 Lip Meng Honda750 Africa Twin Colin Kawasaki KLX 250 The day was off to a good start with Indian food for breakfast, an egg and onion roti with curry got the stomach warmed up Top temperature was only this even though it felt warmer The old palace at Kuala Kangsar A very impressive looking Mosque here Inside this large room it was very cool indeed N04.77006 E100.94151 A spicy and delicious Indian dinner The old bridge Some twisty bits out here At a disused station […]

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Feb 182014
Ipoh-The Leaning Clock Tower 18/2/2014

Total distance 211 km Looking out from my hotel window at a building site, health and safety laws arent strictly enforced here Walking through town to get my breakfast 80 Baht Time to get the bike washed 100 Baht and its clean again Out on the back roads and some old houses here Its pleasing to see that the childrens safety is taken a bit more seriously south of the border The leaning tower A photo from the back and it looks almost straight Chicken varuval Chicken masala, that was hot and spicy, 90 Baht the lot

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Feb 152014
Ipoh-Through The Mountains 15/2/2014

Total distance 509 km The riders Lip Meng Honda 750 Africa Twin Colin Kawasaki KLX 250 Three years ago there was none of this, just forests as far as you could see but now theres loads of destroyed dusty looking land I was surprised to see muddy looking water as theres been no heavy rainfall Lip Meng hopefully enjoyed the ride as much as I did Some good twisty bits Climbing up towards the Cameron Highlands and it was a windy ride going up there with the temperature getting rather chilly Indian food for breakfast, a lovely start to the […]

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Feb 132014
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014

The route K175, K8, K15, 76 Total distance 336 km A bit of a murky start compared to the bright of the last few mornings, mind you I was away not too late and the time is one hour ahead of Thailand. This is the first bananas I have seen for sale roadside since I got here, then later on today I saw them everywhere Not a usual sight down here Up in the hills and the sun is out Breakfast time at a roadside cafe, two different kinds of chicken and rice for 60 Baht Normally theres a dog […]

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Feb 162011
Ipoh To Sungai Kolok

The route Malaysia 1, E1, 76, 4, Thailand 4057 Total distance 310 km After three fantastic weeks of riding around Malaysia it was time to pack up and ride on back to Thailand It was a chilly morning with low cloud as I rode off at 8 am this morning but not too cold These shots were taken along the E1 For a good part of my trip along the E1 it was good views Heading north now on the 76 Pointing the camera low you see the lush greenery Lifted up a little and the same picture but now […]

Feb 152011
Ipoh To Kuala Lipis And Back

The route 1, A181, 59, C156, 8, 64 Total distance 475 km A welcome guest that shares my room I made a nice early start this morning, away by 8 am Its cold as I ascend into the mountains but I get some lovely views I take a right onto the 59 and ride to Tana Rata then take a left onto possibly the C156, my gps shows no road number Stunning views along this road The road is well surfaced with loads of bends, its a delight to ride So lush and green I see quite a few big […]

Feb 142011
Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar-Manong-Ipoh Loop

The route E1, A3, A154, 72, A18, Unknown, 5, A127, 71, 73, E19 Total distance 301 km I took the E1 to Kuala Kangsar then headed south on the A3 to enjoy some more new pleasant roads, I dont see that many roaming dogs in Malaysia but theres quite a few gathered under this bridge A meandering road with good scenery Breakfast time, I stop in Manong at N04.35.423 E100.52.887 I ask for ayam masak merah but they dont have any, only the fish version of this meal, then with typical ingenuity the girl suggested taking a spoonful of the […]

Feb 132011
Ipoh To Gunung Brinchang And Back

The route 1, A 181, 59 Total distance 177 km Out along the A 181 and I notice people filling water containers up from what I assumed were just pipes to let drainage water out but I am told its pure mineral water for drinking Its my third time along this lovely stretch of road but the first time riding in this direction There was a lot of big bikes stopped down the road and now they come up through the twisties Lots of bamboo being cut down here More bikes come past This is one good road I take […]