Feb 132014
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014

The route K175, K8, K15, 76 Total distance 336 km A bit of a murky start compared to the bright of the last few mornings, mind you I was away not too late and the time is one hour ahead of Thailand. This is the first bananas I have seen for sale roadside since I got here, then later on today I saw them everywhere Not a usual sight down here Up in the hills and the sun is out Breakfast time at a roadside cafe, two different kinds of chicken and rice for 60 Baht Normally theres a dog […]

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Feb 122014
Alor Setar-Walking Around Town 12/2/2014

Beef curry and rice plus a piece of fried chicken, 80 Baht Lots to choose from N06.11716 E100.36716 A Thai/Chinese Wat is situated in this town Lunch time at N06.12643 E100.36915 Two pieces of chicken curry and rice 63 Baht The Menara Alor Setar, at 165.5 m is the tallest structure in town and second only to the Petronas Towers in the whole country This must have been quite a potent machine when it came out and a fuck sight more reliable than some of the crap it was up against Sadly no photos were allowed in the old High […]

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Feb 112014
Satun To Alor Setar 11/2/2014

Total distance 133 km I stop roadside not far from the border for what I hoped was going to be my last meal in Thailand for a few months I stopped at the insurance girls office to show her the translated letter from the land transport office and she photocopied it for me Got the bastard today, even better was I gave them the photocopy which they accepted so I still have the original letter and hopefully I wont need to border cross again to renew the ICP in a months time Eat your heart out Thailand, 5.24 litres of […]

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Jan 272011
Alor Setar Through The Mountains And Rain To Ipoh

The route K8, K10, K15, K154, 4, 76, 1 Total distance 329 km After a pleasant first night in Malaysia at Alor Setar I made a good start out at about 8.30 am along the k8, I only found out yesterday that Malaysia is one hour ahead of Thailands time I head east to hopefully find some twisty mountain roads I soon find the kind of roads that I like Theres plenty of water in the rivers because it keeps on raining, I stop here for a few minutes as the heavens open It stops raining after a short time […]

Jan 262011
Satun To Alor Setar

The route Thailand 406, 3016, 3008, 3005, 4184, Malaysia R15, R120, 7, R154, R123, Total distance 131 km I took the back roads to the Kuan Don border this morning, exiting Thailand at N06.41.812 E100.10.692. I crossed over to the Malaysian side, bought my months insurance for 550 Baht and went to get my permit, heres where a small problem arose, my driving licence. I never gave it a though to get my Thai driving licence translated as well and suddenly realised that my UK licence was sitting in the UK. The Malaysian official said I would have to go […]