Nov 212016
21-11-16 Mae Sariang-Two Go To Mae Sam Laep

Total distance 124 km The riders Lisa and Colin New crops sprouting along the 1194 I was told this bridge only collapsed a few weeks ago Its easy enough to get through without the bridge A couple of km past Mae Sam Laep and normally its logs being brought over the border but today its livestock Another boat full turn up, there were three boatloads when we left At the viewpoint and we have company, they were friendly enough but appeared too interested in my food for my liking A very friendly dog that wanted to follow me around town, […]

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Feb 042012
Mae Sariang-Mae Sam Laep-Tha Ta Fang And Back

The route 1194 Total distance 148 km The start of todays new track at Mae Sam Laep, I noticed fuel sold here from the hand pumps I am told at the harbour that I can ride to Tha Ta Fang then on to Mae Sakoep Its a paved road from the harbour to start with then the road turns to dirt at N.17.59.054 E097.44.308 Not far in and a cloud of smoke greets me But its only rubbish being burnt here Its a relatively easy going dirt track today Across the Salawin in Burma and a reasonable sized land slip […]

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Mar 242010
Mae Sariang To Mae Sam Laep The Salawin River

The route 1194 Total distance 101 km Its early afternoon So I head out along the 1194 to see the Salawin river It was so clear along here in november I am surprised to not see smoke coming out of that place No road repairs have been carried out since I last rode here in november and its a shyte road in lots of places Still a little water in this river that runs into the Salawin Down to my usual spot along the Salawin and no Forestry Rangers around today I have never seen that concrete pipe exposed before, […]

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Nov 152009
Mae Sariang-Mae Sam Laep

The route 1194 Total distance 108 km The riders, Jan Yamaha Nouvo 135 and myself Honda Phantom 200 Along the 1194 and the workers are busy toiling in the fields Looks like were both taking a picture at the same time A good surface to start with but it badly deteriorates further on Jan isnt sure which bike she prefers This fella doesnt want to move A few places where the road has washed out Jans not over keen on the many potholes The Salawin shot at Mae Sam Laep where we stop for lunch We could hardly see this […]

Apr 232009
Mae Sariang - Huai Hom (The Coffee Run) + Mae Sam Laep

The route 108, 1266, 108, 1194 Total distance 226 km It was the 108 to Mae La Noi then a right onto the 1266 which is now asphalt for the first 16km. I was pleased to see this machine hopefully working on the eventual asphalting of the entire section I reach Huai Hom and the house where I buy the coffee from is closed, I am told the Woman will come back at 12 but as its only 10.30 I go for a walk around the village I eventually find her, shes the one with the purple hat on Then […]