Nov 182014
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14

Total distance 158 km Some modifications BobS made for my bike yesterday Flexible aluminium to hold the panniers off the side panels And more importantly off the exhaust They appear to do the job, total cost 150 Baht and next to no weight gain A few shots from along the 1189 This reservoir at Mae On is virtually empty Does anyone know how long this statue on the 1330 has been there? A dead end dirt track On the unmade section of the 1330 I take a right towards Ban Mae Wong and was surprised to find this just around […]

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Nov 162014
Getting Soaked, A Puncture And Finding A Small Settlement Around Mae On

Total distance 126 km Just after the rain Taken from the viewpoint on the unmade section of the 1230 where they had no rain at all Heading towards the unmade section of the 1230 from the 118 and it started pissing down, I soon got soaked riding through it A short dead end dirt track I explored Its sunday so lots of Thais out fishing today A lovely sunny start as I turn off the 118 onto the 3005 Before reaching the end of the 1230 I take a left onto a dirt track I had not noticed before It […]

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Nov 052013
CNX-Checking The Water Levels Around Mae On

The route 1317, 5127, 5123, 2034, 1229, 2031 Total distance 183 km First stop was the Huai Lan reservoir which I thought was very low, was the rainfall exceptionally low this year around Chiang Mai? Look how far down the water level is Next stop was the Mae Pha Haen reservoir Not as far down from capacity as the last one but not full either I wonder whats cooking in there I put a few new dirt tracks on the map today. Todays dirt/unpaved co ordinates were N18.74413 E099.24005 to N18.73901 E099.23859 N18.74267 E099.23792 to N18.74516 E099.25591 N18.66113 E099.29042 back […]

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Nov 042012
CNX-Mae On-Exploring Side Roads Off The 2031

The Route 1317, 1006, 1229, 2031, 3003, Hwy11 Total distance 175km First stop was for breakfast in Mae On at N18 45.204 E099 14.270 Pleasant eating company Moo phad kapow, the egg was not asked for but was eaten and 30 Baht for the lot, followed by the oranges, a good healthy start to the day The chicken didnt seem to find anything Its looking good out here right now A new surface for a while along the 2031 I take a left to explore a side road The surface leaves a lot to be desired After a couple of […]

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Nov 302011
The Back Of Mae On-A New Short Offroad Track

The route 118, 3005, 5117, 1230, 1229, 2034, 5123, 1317 Total distance 153 km I took the 118 and turned off at Doi Saket to stop at a small lake just past there These two had just climbed out of the water This was a very quiet relaxing spot where I sat, ate my breakfast and gathered my thoughts for a while. Then it was further along the 118 before taking a right onto the 3005 Not far along the 3005 and I take a left to visit the Doi Saket Hot Springs Some hot springs appear to be warm, […]

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Jan 042008
Mae On-Khuntan National Park Road

I took the same route as on 1st januarys report but this time didnt miss the turning, 23 kms after getting on the 2031 there is a turning on the left which goes to Khuntan Railway Station and the National Park, its just before a sharp left hand corner This is the sign to look for but its only visible if you are coming from the highway 11 direction and theres no road number either There are just a few potholes for the first couple of kms then a good surface The road really narrows for a couple of kms […]

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Jan 012008
CNX-Mae On-Mae Tha-Lamphun

Todays trip was not really planned, I overslept and I didnt get out until early afternoon and went to San Kamphaeng to visit friends and afterwards did a short trip. I took the 1006 to Mae On At Mae On it was a right onto the 1229 signposted for Mae Takhrai National Park Its nice and twisty here and quickly climbs up into the hills Down the other side its a T junction, left is the 1230 and I take the 2031 to the right This road starts off okay and is a reasonable surface with lots of greenery and […]

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