Nov 132016
13-11-16 Mae Sarieng New Tracks North Of Mae La Noi

Total distance 107 km Exploring the tracks east and west off the 108 heading north from Mae La Noi A lazy sunday morning around here This short track ends in a rubber plantation Time to park up and walk to see if I can get through, luckily I can and I link up with a track I found two days ago I wasn’t expecting any of the tracks heading east to go very far and they didnt The stream bed was the track for a while on this one That deep bit would have drowned the bike for sure This […]

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Nov 112016
11-11-16 Mae Sariang Two Get Wet NE Of Mae La Noi

Total distance 110 km The riders Christian Honda XR 250 Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Photos and commentary last to first Indian style chicken curry and rice at Sawaddee 100 Baht Back on the track south of Mae La Noi heading home and no rain today here either Riding out of Mae Pae and its a bit slippery in places but after a couple of km there had been no rain today As we ride into Mae Pae it starts raining very heavily and we take shelter until it finishes Its starting to get slippery now These two turn up and […]

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Nov 102016

Total distance 105 km We had non stop rain all of last night and the Yuam is a bit higher in town today Tracks were a bit wet today These were digging for something out in the woods On tracks like these the rain wasn’t noticeable and didn’t make any difference The tyres are well caked in mud now with a lot of sliding around today so a bit of caution was taken on these wooden bridges This was a funny old track, a mixture of deep puddles and mud, overgrown parts and concrete parts At the start of the […]

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Nov 092016
9-11-16 Mae Sariang New Tracks West Of Mae La Noi

Total distance 88 km Photos and commentary last to first A treat from the street market Moo hunglay and rice from a shop near the Wednesday street market 60 Baht Riding alongside the river I link up with a track I have rode before Another track takes me down the this smaller river Heading eastwards back towards Mae La Noi and that looks like rain but I get home in the dry The track ends at the shack No more rumbles of thunder and another side track is explored Back over the Yuam The uprights were all charred from fire. […]

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