Nov 132009
MHS-Nai Soi-Nam Hu-MHS

The route 1095, 3011, 3012, 3062, 5035 Total distance 153 km I headed out of town along the 1095 towards Pai for about eight kms then took a left onto the 3011 and rode to this new reservoir that I spotted yesterday, its right opposite the Pooklon Country Club I rode along here a year ago but dont remember seeing this in progress then Everythings brand new and barely finished Overflowing already Its back along the 3011 I take a right onto the 3012 towards Nai Soi Another pleasant road with some very good views I dont know what these […]

Nov 122009
MHS - Huai Phung - Rak Thai - MHS

The route 1095, 1285, 5001, 1095 Total distance 185 km I take the 1095 towards Pai Scenery shot from the 1095 After about fifteen kms its a left onto the 1285 A good bit of tarmac to start with and always a pleasure to ride Halfway along and at the checkpoint I am asked to put my name in the book, usually its just a straight ride up to the border Great scenery up here again As I climb the concrete surface is well worn in places, I have never seen it this bad before At the border and theres […]

Nov 112009
MHS-Pang Khong-MHS

The route 1095, 4015, 1095 Total distance 180 km I take the 1095 towards Pai for about 42 km then take a left onto the 4015, its a mixture of concrete and unmade, often alternating very quickly The proof that its the 4015 as its not numbered on any maps About four kms in and its showing all the signs of a good days ride on a totally new road for me You wont find it much greener than this I come to quite a long unmade section and its quite a rough ride for a while, another road that […]

Nov 102009
MHS-Soppong-Burmese Border-MHS

The route 1095, 5014, unknown, 1226, 1095 Total distance 204 km Johnny House where I always stay Double bed 150 Baht per night Single bed 150 Baht per night The legendary steep ramp to the road that some people dont like Digging the mud from the bottom of the lake Time to get going and its the 1095 to Soppong Another brilliant twisty road today My first sighting of a snake this holiday, unfortunately it had been run over, with the aid of a stick I placed it on the grass but no life left in it to slither away […]

Nov 092009
CNX-Khun Yuam-MHS

The route 108, 1009, 1192, 1263, 4009, 1263, 108 Total distance 316 km Down the 108 to Chom Thong then a right onto the 1009 up to Doi Inthanon, at the checkpoint I said I am going to Khun Yuam and was instantly waved through, these sunflowers were out along the way I take a left onto the 1192 to ride to Mae Chaem Its not often that I ride this way along the 1192 and it makes a nice change One long bend is this road A well laden bike, there were four on it in total Its now […]

Nov 202007
Mae Hong Son To Chiang Mai

It was straight down the 108 to Khun Yuam and then a left onto the 1263, I encountered a couple of showers on the way but nothing heavy and then it was the left turn to see the sunflowers I made sure it wasnt the weekend when I went as I imagine it would be bedlam up there then The amazing views from up here are fabulous I am now back on the 1263 and heading for Mae Chaem Last holiday there was a long section of dusty riding and a hard compacted surface, thats all finished now and a […]

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Nov 192007
Around Mae Hong Son 2

I headed out of town on the 1095 towards Pai What a fine road this is, it was a lovely sunny morning and great fun Apart from one short section under repair the road is in perfect condition and a good spirited ride is the order of the day What great scenery we all enjoy here at this time of the year About 55 km out its a left turn onto the 1226 This road is okay most of the way but a fair few bits that are a bit shitty Overlooking the village, that was where I turned around […]

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