Jan 012008
CNX-Mae On-Mae Tha-Lamphun

Todays trip was not really planned, I overslept and I didnt get out until early afternoon and went to San Kamphaeng to visit friends and afterwards did a short trip. I took the 1006 to Mae On At Mae On it was a right onto the 1229 signposted for Mae Takhrai National Park Its nice and twisty here and quickly climbs up into the hills Down the other side its a T junction, left is the 1230 and I take the 2031 to the right This road starts off okay and is a reasonable surface with lots of greenery and […]

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Dec 282007
Chiang Mai-Lamphun_Li Round Trip

I took the 108 to San Patong then left onto the 1015 to Lamphun, it was then a right onto the 106 and then a left onto the 1033 A couple of km after the crossroads heading towards Mae Tha I turn right at a sharp left corner, this is the 4010 but no signposts or road markers for a few kms I stop at a reservoir, there are some people fishing but quite what this guy is looking for I dont know, he keeps looking at the water through the sights A very nice stretch of road this is […]

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