Mar 172014
Kanchanaburi To Mae Sot 17/3/2014

Total distance 527 km It was a hot humid start and I was sweating as I loaded the bike at 6.30am Very low water levels now On the way down less than two months this had water in it but now its just thick lush greenery The entire reservoir looks like its virtually empty As I ride further northwards I see large puddles from recent heavy rain, its much fresher here and noticeably cooler This river has more water in it than on the trip south Thats the reason why Its a popular attraction for the kids They all seem […]

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Mar 152014
Kanchanaburi 15/3/2014

Total distance 108 km The shepherd enjoys a break While his flock eat Those red ant eggs dont look very appetising to me But this guy ate a few and said they were delicious, I passed on his offer to try some Some open tracks that werent too sandy This was the total opposite and a pain to ride through. It thundered this afternoon and I could feel a change in the weather but it remained dry, these tracks would probably be a bit more enjoyable after a storm I see more cattle than people today Today tidies up this […]

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Mar 142014
Kanchanaburi 14/3/2014

Total distance 101 km What I expected to be a short ride to finish mapping this area didnt quite turn out that way. Once I turned off a track I had mapped a couple of days ago onto a new one my GPS was completely blank as none of todays track were on any map and I still have some left for tomorrow I never did find this green pasture out here Smoke, lovely I didnt stay here long, if the smoke didnt choke me the flies would have got me That tree was providing these people with their wood […]

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Mar 132014
Kanchanaburi 13/3/2014

Total distance 106 km Hardly any water anywhere on these tracks Good fun though apart from the deep sand ones A bit of tree cover at times Moo hunglay 40 Baht and very spicy

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Mar 122014
Kanchanaburi 12/3/2014

Total distance 92 km Another selection of new dry tracks today Some of todays tracks were really slow going as they were deep loose sand and I guess this is a better option in terms of stability I wonder if some of that wood got taken home on the back of his bike A few more charcoal burners found today Thats not smoke but a dust cloud kicked up by the cattle The ice cream man was welcomed by the soldiers and myself 20 Baht well spent, I dont know what flavour it was but it went down nicely The […]

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Mar 112014
Kanchanaburi 11/3/2014

Total distance 94 km After a six week absence I finally got back riding dirt trails again today and what a relief to be back doing it I had forgotten how to ride a bike properly and kept on thinking that sitting down on the seat was the correct riding position I soon got back into the swing of it though and spent the day standing up on the footpegs It felt hotter than this today, and the fan on the KLX was on an awful lot I guess its been six weeks since I last wore my body armour […]

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Mar 092014
Phetchaburi To Kanchanaburi 9/3/2014

Total distance 201 km Nice and green around Phetchaburi This white temple looks a lot better than on a previous visit Not much water in the rivers now As I get closer to Kanchanaburi the haze is getting noticeable Breakfast along the route No wonder it was spicy In Kanchanaburi and time to eat The best moo hunglay that I know of is here and its been a month or so since I last ate it. 40 Baht

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Feb 042014
Kanchanaburi To Phetchaburi 4/4/2014

The route 3228, 3209, 4011, 5097, 4025, 4006, 3313, 3206, 3510, 3349, Hwy4 Total distance 208 km I popped around to see Roger before I left and he showed me his new toy It takes off very quickly and reaches a decent height Its done its job and got some photos so now it comes back down to land Three of the aerial shots Time to get moving and this girl is busy collecting her crop It was hot in Kanchanaburi but as I got about halfway it got very windy and at one stage I thought it was going […]

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Feb 022014
Kanchanaburi 2/2/2014

The route 324 Total distance 73 km Breakfast at a new restaurant that only opened a week ago, 40 Baht for the pork with garlic and pepper Dredging an irrigation canal and I didnt realise it was so deep A very late start today but I dont have a lot left in this area to map Cattle galore again The ice cream man 20 Baht and it went down very well in the heat, Kanchanaburi really warmed up about five days ago and today is quite hot A lot of people in the water today This wraps up all the […]

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Feb 012014
Kanchanaburi 1/2/2014

The route 324 Total distance 115 The start of another dusty days riding Lots of cattle on the tracks a few times today Out in the middle of nowhere someone is taking a kip I often see the red fuel being displayed at the fuel pumps and thought it was old stock of 91 benzine but the lady selling it said its 95 gasohol Most of the water is very low out here The KLX gets dustier by the day Finally some greenery Pork curry and rice 40 Baht

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