Mar 022014
Jerantut To Sungai Kolok 2/3/2014

The route C5, 8, 66, 4, 4057 Total distance 334 km A nice sunny ride back to Thailand today I stopped in Kuala Lipis to enjoy one last Southern Indian dish, chicken curry with bread Plus one with rice for good measure, 110 Baht the lot N04.18679 E102.05428 As I travelled north the terrain got hillier Much lower water levels than what I saw on my last visit Finally a river that could be rode across 200 Baht with private shower/toilet N06.02213 E101.96316 and I even get my reflection in the photo Street food tonight for 60 Baht

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Mar 012014
Jerantut 1/3/2014

The route 64, 83, 62, C21, C19, C106, 12, C108, C130, C23, 2, 1535, 1553, C143 Total distance 339 km Indian chicken curry breakfast The Sungai Pahang A fast current is noticed on this river An unpleasant smell surrounds this old tyre scrapyard The river is much lower than on my last visit three years ago I cam across a couple of these subsided roads today Indian chicken curry for tonights meal

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Feb 282014
Jerantut To Fraser's Hill 28/2/2014

The route 64, 8, 8-Old, 55, E8, 1496, 1498, C114 Total distance 381 km Lots of these Chinese cemeteries all over the country Chicken Rendang for breakfast in Raub, although its an Indian restaurant the owner told me this is an Indonesian/Malaysian dish. Whatever it was very nice, spicy too Now on the twisty winding road to visit Fraser’s Hill At Fraser’s Hill and these look more like English mansion houses A shot through the window, strange to see a fireplace and chimney out here in Asia Potatoes, tomatoes and cabbages growing in the garden, sadly no runner beans though […]

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Feb 272014
Jerantut-Karak-Temerloh Loop 27/2/2014

The route 64, C114, 8, E8, 9, 1518, 10, C123, 1553, 98 Total distance 364 km Bright sunny skies, hot weather, twisty roads, cheap fuel and lovely Indian food everywhere, what a lovely start to the days ride 60 k out of town and this guy is cycling to where I am staying, rather him than me N03.79079 E101.85730 A delicious Indian breakfast in Raub Out along the highway and these collectors are to be found in Malaysia too The odd accidental fire is found but its not intentional burning here Fishermen hiding in the trees A lovely chicken tandoori […]

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Feb 262014
Jerantut To Kuala Lipis Loop 26/2/2014

The route C9, C5, 64, 8, C147 Total distance 265 km N03.93150 E102.35665 Malay food for breakfast for a change I guess trespassing and thieving carries a severe penalty here At the Jelai/Tembeling confluence and they tell me that back in the 80s this restaurant was often under water during the wet season Only about three trains a day here in Jerantut so not much chance of seeing one Lovely twisty roads found again today Its been a long time since I found a monster turd, look at the size of this fucker Amazing how green it is along here […]

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Feb 252014
Jerantut To Taman Negara 25/2/2014

The route C9, C145 Total distance 180 km N03.92582 E102.35489 A lovely breakfast was enjoyed here Good fun twisty roads and great scenery today I have yet to see a river in Malaysia that a bike would ride through I reckon the roads around this region are my favourite ones in Malaysia Looking over the river to the start of Taman Negara Everyone is very friendly here and happy to pose for photos The confluence of the Sungai Tembeling and the Sungai Jelai that now becomes the Sungai Pahang I was wondering why the side road I was on appeared to be hardly used, ahead lies the reason […]

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Feb 242014
Melaka To Jerantut 24/2/2014

The route 61, 9, 2, 98 Total distance 298 km I stop for breakfast in Tampin at N02.47102 E102.23157 Once on 9 it soon becomes a twisty fun road I spotted a few of these today out in the smaller towns I reckon the 9 is probably one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets I guess this poor creature got hit as its bleating in discomfort N03.93479 E102.35898 80 Baht, my cheapest find in Malaysia so far, thats what my LP book gives as its rate five years ago and its still the same today N03.93622 E102.37333 More lovely Indian food […]

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