Dec 012013
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain

The route 107, 1089, Hwy1 Total distance 128 km It was heavy overnight rain again in Fang and although I have lots more tracks there to explore they will have to wait until another time after they have dried out as some of them are unrideable now I left in light rain after waiting until about 11 am but only got a few km before it started pissing down again. I took shelter and later on a couple of Thais stopped there too on bikes, they were on their way to Thaton and upon phoning their friend found out it […]

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Nov 302013
Fang-Sliding Around And A Couple Of Reservoirs

The route 107, 3023 Total distance 96 km Hopefully he enjoyed a productive catch An unknown and unshowing reservoir The ice cream man turns up These lads seem to be enjoying themselves The Huay Chang Si Reservoir First thing this morning after a lot of heavyovernight rain and this track was very greasy Pork burgers at N N Pizza tonight, three for 105 Baht. She microwaves them and they have a pleasant flavour with no greasiness about them

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Nov 292013
Fang-Finding The Nong Hin Mot Reservoir

The route 107, 109, 3023 Total distance 102 km It was pissing down early this morning in Fang and again just after I got home but it was a lovely dry day in between A long range shot of what I guess is that temple at That Ton The Nong Hin Mot Reservoir They got up the steep climb three up but the bike was bottoming out on the bumps as they rode away Huai Muang Reservoir I have never heard of potatoes being planted that close together before. My gardening bookssay 300mm between them for early varieties and 450 […]

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Nov 282013
Fang-Tidying Up Loose Ends Near Town

The route 107, 109 Total distance 98 km With all the recent rains still plenty of water lying around A happy kid there The garlic planters busy at work Tracks like these are not slippery But some of these are Todays trip pretty much finishes mapping all the tracks east of the 107 between the 1346 and the 109. Some that I was exploring yesterday were too muddy to get through and will have to wait for another time when its drier A lovely pork meal for 70 Baht

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Nov 262013
Fang-Two Get Stuck In The Mud

The route 107, 109 Total distance 171 km The riders Bob Kawasaki KLX 250 Colin Kawasaki KLX 250 Some serious single track was explored today Out in the open and good fun tracks In one of the villages we stopped at It spat about with rain occasionally but thankfully came to nothing More of the single track That was a steep descent I had to walk to join up a short section of track holding the GPS, the track was rideable by the ideal light bike and talented rider but we gave it a miss End of the single track […]

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Nov 252013
Fang-Dirt Tracks Closer To Town

The route 107 Total distance 101 km I am seeing a few of these on the smaller tracks, they do the job Another dry warm and sunny day Still a bit boggy in places like this A bit of riding through the woods today I was surprised to see this wastage, lots of them looked okay It seems the chickens are partial to bananas This new place has only been open a month, its open from 7.00-20.00 seven days a week N19.91624 E099.20994 Four different pizza sizes A guy bought a burger while I was waiting and it looked okay […]

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Nov 242013
Fang-Mapping Again In The Dry

The route 107 Total distance 110 km Much wetter then I expected it to be Tracks washed out in many places from last weeks heavy rain As I take a breather in the shade she comes roaring by These were all busy drilling holes in the trees It all becomes clear why, now These dogs were very friendly once they overcame their initial wariness Another washout that I cant cross I enjoy another half a clay pot baked chicken from the sunday street market, 80 Baht with rice

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Nov 232013
CNX-Back To Fang Plus The Maw Mao Reservoir

The route 107, 3030 Total distance 201 km Out near Chiang Dao and its looking like the weather is back to normal now, I certainly hope so as I want to get back riding those dirt tracks Riding through Chiang Dao I stop at Mon&Kurts restaurant at N19.37292 E098.96603 Kurt was away in Nepal but I chatted with his wife Mon, I often ate at their old restaurant and you got good sized portions of great tasting food. I didnt eat there today so cant comment but I expect it will be of the same quality and quantity. Anyone riding […]

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Nov 212013
Fang And The Return To CNX

The route 107, 1346, 1001, 4031 Total distance 217 km It was a wet start in Fang yesterday morning but by the time I left the roads were drying out Along the 1346 and these dogs were intent on having their chin wag in the middle of the road. Whenever traffic came by they moved out of the way but as soon as it had passed they were back in the middle of the road again They were barking non stop but no snarling or fighting was happening Tending the crop of green shyte Its actually starting to brighten up […]

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Nov 192013
Fang-A Wet And Muddy Days Riding And A Fucked GPS

The route 107 Total distance 77 km We have had rain here everyday since thursday evening and each night it is getting heavier and lasting longer, lots more water in the streams/rivers now Its dry again this morning as is the norm and the paved surfaces are all dry Its looking like a nice day Everywhere is soaked from the rains I was sliding around a lot today and it was slow going even though I was riding on flat surfaces, sod trying to climb steep hills on that slippery red shit Maybe I was a bit premature in saying […]

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