Mar 072014
Chumphon To Prachuap Khiri Khan 7/3/2014

The route 3180, 3201, 3253, 3411, 3374, 3459, 4, 1041, Total distance 214 km Never far away from the coast today, its only a short way inland to hwy 4 and I want to avoid that as much as possible Pleasant roads again Its not often I see a train despite riding along the tracks pretty often I stop for lunch at the beach and its sweltering, this dog has the right idea I seldom see anyone on the beach I happen upon these who have just fallen off, the one with the shorts on points out blood on his […]

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Mar 062014
Surat Thani To Chumphon 6/3/2014

The route 2007, 4112, 4114, 4134, 4002, 4011, 4003, 2010, 41, 2018 Total distance 241 km Some shots from along the 2007 Green around these parts, no burning or smog Well surfaced good twisty roads with great scenery make todays ride an enjoyable one At times I ride along the coast Three years ago this was not here when I rode past Good aerial photos from up there Firework time and they were loud Now its time for this monster It was too loud without my fingers poked in my ears so I didnt get any photos until it had […]

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Feb 072014
Chumphon To Surat Thani 7/2/2014

The route 2018, 41, 2010, 3140, 4178, 2019, 4198, 4012, 4019, 4112, 417 Total distance 243 km Breakfast at a cafe next door to the Chumphon Hotel, pleasant enough for 35 Baht A selection of pre cooked dishes here I had to ride for just under 4 km along the 41 but right opposite the Buddah I turn off and ride all the way to Surat Thani without touching it again I better get used to seeing these considering where I am going It turns cloudy for a while but no rain though Lots of these seen today A pleasant […]

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Feb 062014
Prachuap Khiri Khan To Chumphon 6/2/2014

The route Hwy4, 1041, 1048, 1029, 3459, 4007, 3374, 3411, 4015, 3253, 4004, 3201, 3180, 5056 Total distance 208 km It was hwy4 for a short way then I got off to enjoy the slower more scenic side roads. The railway line was crossed quite a few times today but no trains were spotted This lady was busy tossing the coconuts This went down very well in the heat, its certainly warming up where I am, 45 Baht and very enjoyable too A very deserted beach along here I check in at my usual stay when in town at N10.49894 […]

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Mar 082011
Chumphon To Phetchaburi

The route 3180, 3201, 3253, 3411, 3374, 4007, 3459, 1029, 1048, Hwy 4, 1037, 4030, 3218, 3219, 3301, 3410, 3175, 3187 Total distance 402 km An early morning shot from along the 3180 Quite a picturesque hedge See how nice and green it is leaving Chumphon I was planning on stopping at Prachuap Khiri Khan but I was going past there by midday so I rode on along hwy 4 for another 60+ km then took a left onto the 1037 The pineapple pickers are busy I get given a couple of pineapples, one will do for dessert tonight On […]

Mar 062011
Surat Thani To Chumphon Avoiding The Highway

The route 417, 4112, 4134, 4002, 4012, 4198, 4011, 4003, 2010, 41, 2018, 327 Total distance 236 km A nice early 7.30 am start but even at that time its very warm and sticky here On the 417 The scenery is still good so far and no sign of any burning yet A jellyfish on maximum zoom A shot of the beach for those of you who like it The ant egg pilferers are on the prowl The white powder that gets put in with the eggs, does anyone know what it is? I eventually emerge on the 41 right […]

Jan 202011
Chumphon To Ranong-Two Waterfalls Plus A Ride Along The Burmese Border

The route 327, Hwy 4, 3117, 1006, 1008 Total distance 225 km I headed out of town along the 327 then took hwy 4 west, hwy 4 is now a single carriageway with curves thats a pleasure to ride and not too much traffic as that is now heading down the 41 I take a left onto the 3117 and ride 3.5 km to the Chum Saeng waterfall at N10.30.030 E098.53.029 but only a trickle of water is coming down now Theres more water flowing from those sprinklers I ride a few km further along hwy 4 then take a […]

Jan 192011
Prachuap Khiri Khan To Chumphom Virtually All The Way On Side Roads

The route 3167, 1041, Hwy 4, 1048, 1029, 3459, 4045, 3374, 3411, 3253, 4004, 3201, 3180, 4008, 4001, Total distance 224 km I set off riding through the town and quickly spot Mans (or in this case Womans) best friend being helpful This was one friendly dog and he was only too happy to let me stroke him, I ride on taking the 3167 out of town then a ride along the 1041 which together save me 16 km of hwy 4 Then its a 24 km section of hwy 4 until N11.32.593 E099.37.724, here I turn left onto this […]