Nov 302014
Chiang Rai To Mai Sai Loop 30-11-14

Total distance 220 km A hearty breakfast at Bobs house Then it was off to Mai Sai for a visa run avoiding as much of the dreaded hwy 1 as possible Visa done and now heading back to the west of hwy 1 Sadly there are fires burning already An unmapped dirt track was spotted on the way back so had to be explored A village was found along here too Lasagna for tonights meal, Por can turn her hand to cooking all kinds of delicious food

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Nov 292014
2 Ride Through The Hills In Chiang Rai 29-11-14

Total distance 151 km The riders Bob Honda CRF 250 Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Doi Chang reservoir Overflowing as they should be this time of year Lots of coffee growing on todays ride Finally on a dirt track that will go along the Kok river and take us back to Chiang Rai That was a bit of a wonky bridge Burgers and fries at Bobs house

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Nov 282014
Four Go Splashing Around Chiang Rai 28-11-14

Total distance 84 km The riders Bob Honda CRF 250 Daryl Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 Jim KTM 250 Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Ready to set off, Ronny rode with us for a couple of km on the road then left us A cold start but it soon warmed up Beautiful scenery here in a new area for me We found lots of water crossings We stop in a village along the way for a break A bridge and a water crossing choice here At a restaurant in Chiang Rai Chicken massaman at Bobs house, I was spoilt again by Por’s lovely […]

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Nov 272014
Chiang Mai To Chiang Rai 27-11-14

Total distance 195 km On the outskirts of Chiang Rai A lovely sunny day Opposite Cabbages and Condoms The KLX is fully laden today but coped perfectly well with the journey A very delicious moo hunglay and chicken Penang at Bobs house, hes certainly very well looked after by Pors cooking skills Spicy Indian chicken curry and brown rice at Kanjana 70 Baht

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Dec 032013
Chiang Rai To Nan

The route 1020, 1292, 1126, 1091 Total distance 234 km A very nice chicken biryani at the Muslim restaurant for 50 Baht got the day off to a good start It was a bit overcast in Chiang Rai first thing and none too warm when I went for breakfast so I put extra clothes on under my airflow gear. I was hot riding in the city but once over hwy1 and moving I quickly cooled down and kept that extra clothing on plus the wind proof liners in all the way to Nan Its a sunny day now and a […]

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Dec 022013
Chiang Rai-A Loop Through The Mountains On Dirt And Paved

The route 4044, 1089, 3037, 118, 1211 Total distance 206 km Breakfast was at the Muslim restaurant next to the Mosque, a nice chicken stir fried with ginger 40 Baht It was a morning when I didnt know whether to expect rain or shine, I set off and found it to be a chilly ride to start with along the 4044 Nearing the 1089 and its quite slow going now as its a steep rocky ride with lots of greasy red shit as the surface Descending onto the 1089 was not the nicest experience Now at the Mae Suai reservoir […]

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Dec 012013
Fang To Chiang Rai In The Rain

The route 107, 1089, Hwy1 Total distance 128 km It was heavy overnight rain again in Fang and although I have lots more tracks there to explore they will have to wait until another time after they have dried out as some of them are unrideable now I left in light rain after waiting until about 11 am but only got a few km before it started pissing down again. I took shelter and later on a couple of Thais stopped there too on bikes, they were on their way to Thaton and upon phoning their friend found out it […]

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Dec 082011
Two Get Dusty In Mae Chan

The route 1016, Unknown 4004 4010 Total distance 96 km The Riders Steve Kawasaki KLX 250 Captain_Slash Kawasaki KLX 250 Steve turned up this morning and off we went to ride some offroad tracks It was a quiet ride through here with plenty of birds about We happened across a local stuck in the mud, we pulled him out then decided to follow him on a s detour rather than get stuck ourselves A pleasant detour through this field Back on asphalt for a while Steve informs me that we are going to ride up there, oh well no problem […]

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Nov 262010
Three Visit The Mekong Plus Some Snake Charming

The route 4010, 1016, Hwy 1, 1209, Unknown, 1173, 1098, 4004, 1290, 1129, Total distance 172 km The riders David Learmouth – Triumph T100 Phil (feelthenoise) – Honda Phantom Myself – Honda Phantom David and myself ride to Phils house then the three of us head south along hwy 1 for a few km then take a left onto the 1209 and a few km later take a right onto an unnumbered road We then use the 1173 and the 1098 Theres some decent bends on todays trip Plenty of good scenery too A reasonable flow to the river These […]

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