Nov 082016
8-11-16 Chiang Mai To Mae Sariang

Total distance 191 km The forecast for today was rain coming in quite early in Chiang Mai so I got away around 5.30 and had to ride in light rain on and off for about 30 km then it dried up Heading out from Hot and although the temperature has dropped the sky is getting brighter More light rain from the Mae Chaem turning for a few km plus now it really is getting cold so extra clothing is needed. Eventually the sky got lighter and it was quite sunny as I neared Mae Sariang This small reservoir still not […]

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Nov 062016
6-11-16 Mae Kuang Reservoir And Dusty New Tracks

Total distance 94 km Great to be back and out on the road again The barrier was up at the Mae Kuang reservoir today so I rode as far around it as I could A single track gets me further north Everytime I visit here its always well down on capacity, if its this low now by april it will be nearly empty I passed the mourners walking down the street Lots of lorries around this mine and too much dust Finally a few puddles but everywhere was much drier then I expected it to be Next was the Huai […]

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Mar 272016
27-3-16 Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai

Total distance 242 km Photos last to first 195 Baht and so very filling I get to my usual GH only to find a brand new 7-11 one shop away, that’s a real bonus being that close Riding down towards the 108 and I guess its a mixture of the hot weather plus it being a sunday why there are so many people enjoying the water Getting closer to Doi Inthanon Someone is out in the water A small reservoir before Mae Chaem Along the 1088 and the Mae Chaem river. After four months in Mae Sariang its time to […]

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Nov 062015
6-11-15 Chiang Mai To Mae Sariang

Total distance 208 km Fully laden on the start of this years trip away from Chiang Mai Once off the 108 it was a much quieter and more pleasant ride I wonder if that dust is from more roadworks along the 108 Just when I thought I was going to ride on only new paved roads today it suddenly turns to unpaved for a short distance Looking downstream at the Ping where we rode along the dry riverbank a few years back Looking upstream The Ob Luang canyon I check in at the Riverside GH which is open again now. […]

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Mar 222015
Nan To Chiang Mai 22-3-15

Total distance 290 km A hot sticky start from Nan, yesterday afternoon it felt like rain was about to come down but it remained dry 30 or so km out of town it was cooler and felt a lot fresher as there must have been some rain last night Still too hazy at the scenic point though This spot along the 1251 is always full of water Spicy Indian chicken curry and brown rice at Kanjana 70 Baht

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Mar 042015
Chiang Mai To Nan 4-3-15

Total distance 292 km Between Chiang Mai and Doi Saket I stop for breakfast of a moo phad kapow, it was authentic in flavour and also price at 35 Baht A lot hazier getting towards Nan then when I left six weeks ago About fifty km from Nan I stop at a viewpoint and its bad visibility Along the 118 and a lorry load of bottles has obviously overturned here The Tard Tong waterfall still has water flowing and I imagine this is a staged one that flows all year round, I have seen it in Mae Sot where an […]

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Mar 012015
Mae Sariang To Chiang Mai 1-3-15

Total distance 219 km Still quite clear air leaving Mae Sariang and for once I wasn’t cold as I ascended the hills Still a bit of water flowing Approaching the Oblong canyon and I will look for that bridge over it Found it easily enough Looking up and down river from the bridge Look for this sign and it leads you to the bridge down a paved track The Mae Chaem river is wider now but very shallow As I ride over the Ping river at Hot its virtually dried up Closer to Chiang Mai its a lot fuller courtesy […]

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Jan 222015
Chiang Mai To Mae Sariang 22-1-15

Total distance 217 km I got off the 108 as soon as possible to enjoy the quieter roads alongside the Ping river Virtually no traffic along here unlike the busy 108 Lunch break at Huai Sa Phaet Ton Lang reservoir Heading out of Hot and the Mae Chaem river looks like it has a good flow But at the canyon it doesn’t look much at all The new bridge that was being constructed last trip is now completely finished Arriving early in town I look around at the accommodation options. My usual the Mae Sariang guesthouse doesn’t have wifi. Northwest […]

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Jan 192015
Nan To Chiang Mai 19-1-15

Total distance 291 km Leaving Nan after a fun seven weeks riding and exploring new tracks there Thirty or forty km out of town and I see this for the first time Along the 1251 I see this sign and go for a look I guess this was wishful thinking of how they would have liked it to have looked This is the reality of how it really looks There are hot/cold drinks available here too I read in the paper a couple of days ago how the Yom river was drying up, here closer to its source its still […]

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Nov 272014
Chiang Mai To Chiang Rai 27-11-14

Total distance 195 km On the outskirts of Chiang Rai A lovely sunny day Opposite Cabbages and Condoms The KLX is fully laden today but coped perfectly well with the journey A very delicious moo hunglay and chicken Penang at Bobs house, hes certainly very well looked after by Pors cooking skills Spicy Indian chicken curry and brown rice at Kanjana 70 Baht

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