Dec 112011
A Cold Ride From Chiang Khong To Nan

The route 1020, 1155, 1021, 1148, 1080 Total distance 291 km Last night it started raining in Chiang Khong and the old Lady who owns this guesthouse was soon out covering my bike up Early this morning Lakota turned up to see me as he was interested in seeing my rack and pannier frames, I was interested in his home made rack, no rusting from this one A quick phone call to Nan found that the Amazing guesthouse had a room for me, in fact the house was completely empty which was surprising as this is now the Thai tourist […]

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Dec 102011
Mae Chan-To-Chiang Khong

The route 1016, 1129, 1020 Total distance 114 km Setting off on a cloudy day and some burning is now taking place Just past Chiang Saen and following the river lots of pigs are wallowing in their pen Further on a broken bridge With this picture at the roadside Those wooden supports holding up the bridge dont look too sturdy I stop by to see how the Chiang Saen port is looking one year later The Mekong emerges into sight on a cloudy and windy but thankfully dry day Just before the Huaisai Man viewpoint The view from the viewpoint […]

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Nov 302010
Chiang Khong-A Dead Dog-Nan

The route 1020, 1155, 1222, 1021, 1148, 1080 Total distance 324 km I mentioned about my bike being covered up by the guest house owner, today I could hardly see it I reckon the next step is for the owner to offer to put it inside their lounge A few km out of town and I take a left on a new wide dirt road and here I assume is the start of the new bridge over the Mekong According to my gps if I ride on towards the Mekong I can find my way to the 1155 So I […]

Nov 292010
Phu Chi Fa And Beyond

The route 1020, 1155, 1093, 1210, 1345, 1021, 1222, Total distance 359 km I ride out of town at 8am along the 1020 on another cold morning then take a left onto the 1155 and as I climb it gets really foggy As I ride further it clears a bit The 1155 is the best road out here in my opinion as it has curves like this for a very long way I take a left onto the 1093 to ride to Phu Chi Fa I park the bike and start to walk to the summit, the kids are here […]

Nov 282010
In The Mountains South Of Chiang Khong

The route 1020, 1155, 4029, 1093, 4058, 1174, 4018, 4008, 4021, 4014 Total distance 358 km I am well looked after at this guest house, not only is it cheap but a blanket is even put over my bike for protection from the elements Quite what the owner was brewing up here though I dont know The cat certainly isnt going to go thirsty, if it drinks that lot it will be pissing more often than I do I set off at 7.45am for a nice early start to ride to Phu Chi Fa, the 1020 out of town is […]

Nov 272010
Mae Chan To Chiang Khong

The route 4010, 1016, 4006, 1098, 4049, 1129, 4007, Total distance 145 km After breakfast it was time to move on towards Chiang Khong, I said goodbye to Fon then David and I rode out Once off the awful dusty roadworks of the 1016 it was a pleasant ride through cleaner surroundings A short stop at Wat Muen Buddha Mettakhunaram We turn onto the 4049 which is a new road for me and its a twisty one through good scenery We reach the 1129 and here its time to say goodbye, David turns left towards Chiang Saen and I turn […]

Jan 102010
Chiang Khong - Nan

The route 1020, 1155, 1222, 1021, 1148, 1080 Total distance 293 km This was yesterdays trip but as a certain photo hosting website was playing up it couldnt be posted last night. I headed out of Chiang Khong on the 1020 and what a bumpy dusty unpleasant road it was too, I guess as its now the AH3 and being widened the resurfacing thats badly needed will all take place when the widened section is ready I take a left onto the 1155 to follow the Mekong for a while, this road is very busy but as its a sunday […]

Jan 092010
Fang - Mae Sai - Chiang Khong

The route 1089, 1234, 1338, 1149, 1041, 1290, 1129 Total distance 254 km I head out of Fang on the 1089 and a bit of a cool start Starting the ascent towards Doi Mae Salong On top of the world and such stunning scenery for ages In Doi Mae Salong and theres something going on here Lots of strange looking vegetables for sale Typical, free tea but not coffee, I may be an Englishman but I detest the stuff. I notice that the 7-11 here lives up to its name and that those are the opening times. The Shin Sane […]

Feb 122008
Chiang Khong - Fang

I headed south out of Chiang Khong then after about 5 km took a right onto the 1174
The 1174 is not a particularly endearing road, the surface isnt much good, this picture was from a section of the decent surface which doesnt last too long