Dec 212010
Chiang Khan-Along The Mekong And Over The Hills To Udon Thani

The route 211, 2108, 2414, 2348, 2021, 4018, 2263 Total distance 235 km A lazy 11am ride out from Chiang Khan this morning following the Mekong for a while Enjoyable as the 211 is, today I found it rather busier than usual plus some resurfacing going on in places I keep on promising myself that some day I will be out here in the wet season to see it full with my own eyes On a much better surfaced section now, I ride to Pakchom then take a right onto the 2108 This wasnt here on my last ride along […]

Dec 202010
Uttaradit-A Scenic Ride To Chiang Khan

The route 1047, 1244, 1245, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1237, 1268, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201 Total distance 341 km A nice early 8am start and out along the 1143 the workers are busy in the fields A bit of low cloud but its not cold A shot from the lovely 1143 At Chat Trakarn I take a left onto the 1237 Not far along here I come across this squashed Banded Krait, this was one unlucky fellow as hardly any traffic is on this road even in the daytime and as this is a nocturnal snake it probably got hit by […]

Dec 052010
Nan-Pong-1188-1160-1345-1148 Loop

The route 1091, 4009, 3009, 1228, 1188, 1148, 1160, 1345, 1210, 1080 Total distance 388 km Whilst stopped for fuel in town this morning I met these guys The ever popular Yamaha SR 400 decked out as what you would like it to be I spotted this sign along the 1091 Where this work is taking place This little tractor was struggling up a hill along the 1091 with a few vehicles trying to overtake it A variety of colour here On the opposite side of the road some workers are busy The finished product And the young apprentice Before […]

Mar 212010
Chiang Khan - The 2399 - Uttaradit

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2399, 203, 2013, 1143, 1246, 1214, 1244, 1047, Hwy 11 Total distance 313 km Time to move on and I have just spent probably my last night at the Tongkhong Guesthouse as Bens lease runs out at the end of the year and the owners want it back to change it. Sad really as I have been staying here for the last six years when I am in Chiang Khan I take the 201 for five km then its a right onto the 2154 followed by a left onto the 4014 then a right to […]

Mar 202010
Chiang Khan - Mekong / Hueng Confluence - Phu Ruea - Chiang Khan

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 2294, 203, 2399, 4014, 2154, 201 Total distance 243 km I take the 201 for about five km then its a right onto the 2154 A pleasant back road that has a few potholes but nothing to worry about Just before a village I cross over the river but not much water in it now, I reach the 4014 and turn right onto it then not far along here its a right onto the 2195 and I ride on to Ban Tha Di Mi to visit the Mekong/Hueng confluence The Mekongs low but still […]

Mar 192010
Chiang Khan - Nong Hin Loop

The route 201, 2108, 2249, 2138, Unknown, 201, 2250, 2400, 2141, 201 Total distance 342 km I took the 201 south for about twenty km then took a left onto the 2108, after a couple of km this gets nice and twisty Its a shame the haze is here but looking in the paper I see its a lot worse around Mae Hong Son I cant fault this road I take a right onto the 2249 Near the finish its a great new surface with rollercoasters, at the junction with the 2138 I turn left onto it Two or three […]

Mar 182010
Chiang Khan Over The Mountains To Lom Sak - Chiang Khan

The route 201, 2016, 2216, Hwy 12, 2181, 203, 2399, 2115, 2399, 4014, 2154, 201 Total distance 498 km I took the 201 from Chiang Khan past Loei and as far as Wang Saphung, here it was the 2016 to ride up in the hills Not far out of Wang Saphung and to my right is this Buddah that I have never noticed before The haze is really here now Still hazy even when a lot nearer The roads getting twisty already Plenty of fires around now A fantastic ride along this road whatever bike you ride This pratt is […]

Mar 172010
Udon Thani - Nong Khai - Along The Mekong To Chiang Khan

The route Hwy 2, 211 Total distance 248 km It was hwy 2 straight up to Nong Khai and to the friendship bridge to check on the Mekongs water level In november I have seen the water level up on the main pillars and at other times at various levels on the wider concrete part but today is the first time that I have ever seen the wider concrete part completely out of the water I wonder if its shallow enough to walk across now A few km further up river and its a narrow flow here Plenty of sand […]

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Jan 292010
Chiang Khan - Sangkhom - Udon Thani

The route 211, 2376, 2348, 2021, Hwy 2 Total distance 261 km It was a pleasant gentle ride along the Mekong from Chiang Khan this morning The Mekong is not as low as I have seen it at this spot The 211 is always a pleasant ride This infernally noisy thing caught me up and the guy on it seemed to think that I wanted to ride alongside him listening to its racket, I stopped and thankfully he rode off A bit further along it was parked beside the road and this big hole in the exhaust pipe was the […]

Jan 282010
Chiang Khan - Tha Li - Wang Saphung - Pakchom - Chiang Khan Loop

The route 201, Unknown, 4014, 3003, 201, 2115, 2399, 203, 3002, 2140, 201, 2138, 2249, 2108, 211 Total distance 331 km The Mekong was hardly visible through the fog at my guest house this morning I took the 201 south for twenty four km then took a right onto an unnumbered road, along here the freshly planted tapioca sticks are being sprayed with something I come to a T junction and its the 4014 which I had assumed emerged onto the 201 nearer to Chiang Khan, this explains why I couldnt find the start of it this morning. I turn […]