Nov 012013
CNX-Chae Hom-Dams And Waterfalls

The route 118, 3005, 4005, 1287, 1035, 4012, 4001, 1157, 1039, 3027, 4052, 2031, 1229, 1006, 1317 Total distance 324 km Breakfast at a small shop at N18.79154 E098.99341 outside Sompet Market 40 Baht later I was happy and on my way Along the 3005 and smoke this early in the season, I guess they miss their fires Mae Kampong Waterfall, it was totally deserted today Care was needed along here today as there was a lot of loose debris on the road from landslides plus it was wet and a bit slippery Now at the Kio Ko Ma reservoir […]

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Dec 292007
Chiang Mai-Chae Hom-Lampang Round Trip

I took the 118 out of Chiang Mai until the right for the 1252 for Chae Hom, there is about a 2 km section of the 118 under construction just north of Doi Saket but just a bit dusty thats all The 118 once you get out of Doi Saket turns into a pleasant road Now its on the 1252 I cant believe how chilly it is riding up here, at 12.30 I usually expect it to be a lot hotter than this Its still very green up here I guess these people had to light the fire to stay […]

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