Jan 142011
Buriram To Nakhon Sawan

The route 226, 205, 201, 2170, 225 Total distance 485 km A nice fresh chilly morning here in Buriram as I ride off at 7am, I have a long days ride on unfamiliar roads for me and an early start was a must, once a few km out of town and the 226 is a pleasant not too busy road A shot from the 2170 Now from the 225 on which I spent a long time today From the Phao Phang Heuy View Point I ride through a village and as its 2000 km since my last oil change I […]

Jan 132011
Buriram-More Border Area Riding-Lahan Sai

The route 219, 4055, 224, 3208, 2301, 3308, 3063, 2006, 2120 Total distance 331 km I take the 219 out of town then a few km out of town take a left onto the 4055 to visit the Huai Talat Reservoir that the 219 runs through Then its the 219 down to the 224 where I turn left and ride to where I finished yesterday, this unknown reservoir that doesnt show on my gps is at N14.22.288 E103.09.568 Virtually full and its one I have visited a few times over the years Heading west on the 224 I take a […]

Jan 122011
Buriram-Chong Chom And Along The Border Road

The route 226, 3028, 2208, 3011, 214, 2283, 2122, 224, 2407, 219 Total distance 342 km I took the 226 out of town then a right onto the quieter 3028 where this unusual roundabout is A decent road for some of the way and a bit potholed in other places The students are learning about irrigation Its a very cold day today and this guy has the right idea I reach the 2208 turning left onto it for a short time then its a right onto an unnumbered road to try out some back roads to Prasat, its a paved […]

Jan 112011
Si Saket To Buriram Mostly On A Backroad

The route 226, 2076, 2003, 2018, 3027, 3113, 2083, 3210, 219 Total distance 177 km After eighteen fun days and nights in Si Saket it was time to move on and I took the 226 then the 2076 to Tha Tum and from here explored a new road for me starting off as unnumbered then becoming the 2003 One of the villages that I ride through along the way and its sports time here A bit further along and these guys pull a few fish out while I am watching Another one gets caught and some reasonable sized fish too […]

Mar 162010
Cross Country From Buri Ram To Udon Thani

The route 2074, 202, 2061, 207, 2233, 2199, 229, 2062, 1011, 208, 2237, 2152, 2231, 2023, Hwy 2 Total distance 438 km A small pizza for 75 Baht from Muang Pizza at the night bazaar for breakfast this morning, not bad too Then its out of town on the 2074 towards Phutthaisong A few curves along here but not that many, just before Phutthaisong its a left onto the 202, along here a few km and its a left onto the 2061 which is a horrible pot holed road. At its end I take a right onto the 207 and […]

Mar 152010
Aranyaprathet - Two Reservoirs - Buri Ram

The route 348, 3486, 348, Unknown, 224, 219 Total distance 255 km It was north out of town along the 348 then a left onto the 3486 to cut off a corner then back onto the 348 again Its a good ride along here and not that much traffic At Non Din Daeng I take a right onto an unnumbered road to visit some reservoirs and take the back roads, not far aong here and its the Lam Nangrong reservoir A nice new stretch of tarmac to start with Then its a bit patchy and potholed in places I reach […]

Mar 042010
Buri Ram To Aranyaprathet

The route 219, 224, 2120, 348, 3486, 348 Total distance 264 km I took the 219 heading south out of Buri Ram A few km south of town there is the Huai Talat reservoir either side of the road I reach hwy 24 and cross over still on the 219 A few km past Ban Kruat I reach the 224 and take a right, a rare piece of greenery here I take a left for a couple of km to visit the Huai Mek Dam This small reservoir along this road is completely dry apart from the deep hole in […]

Mar 032010
Si Saket To Buri Ram

The route 226, 2076, 2079, 2333, 214, 2378, 219 Total distance 201 km After nineteen thoroughly enjoyable nights in Si Saket it was time to move on before I took root there, I headed out of town on the 226 and at a major crossroads I went straight across onto the 2076 towards Rattana Buri This is always an enjoyable ride along this very well surfaced road Just very hot and dry out here now One of the few bits of water that I saw today I ride into Rattana Buri and in the town centre I take a left […]

Dec 192007
Buriram To Udon Thani Via Ubonrat Dam

Todays trip was rather mundane after yesterdays ride I took the 2074 out of Buriram heading north towards Phutthaisong At Phutthaisong it was a left onto the 202 then the second exit the 2061 to Nong Song Hong About 3 kim later its a right onto the 2301 which runs to a T junction with the 23, I turn left onto it and ride to the junction with highway 2 Heres a rare sight on the Khon Kaen line, a train, there must only be about 6 a day, you would need a lot of patience to be a trainspotter […]

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Dec 182007
Aranyaprathet To Buriram And I Ride The 3308 At Last

Todays trip went perfectly, I left my hotel and made my way to the border and turned left onto the 3446, I stopped to put on my balaclava as this is another road they dont seem to want foreigners travelling on It was a while before I could stop to take any photos because the checkpoints were so close together and I didnt want to draw attention to myself, I have never seen these growing before, does anybody know what they are For much of todays journey I have the roads virtually to myself After say 25 km there is […]

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