Feb 272011
Betong To Yala

The route 410, 3016, Total distance 197 km A chicken phad phet for breakfast then it was time to move out of Betong I was away just after 7.30 and it was a bit misty in the hills A lovely view and its not cold either A couple of shots of the 410s curves, theres a bridge being built that will cut off 11 km of the twistiest section of this road from N06.02.817 E101.11.861 to N06.03.722 E101.11.646 but that should mean that most traffic will use the bridge and this twisty section will have virtually no traffic on it […]

Feb 262011
Betong To Ban Lang Dam And Around

The route 410, 3025, 3018, Total distance 260 km Betong is home to apparently the worlds largest post box Out along the 410 and a bit of a stuff up These are deep grooves from the lorry having already tipped over Along a side road and this little kitten is out in the middle of nowhere One of its eyes looks a bit manky and I am wondering if it has been dumped here The end of the road at this house at N05.52.825 E101.15.763, near here there is a dirt track that leads back to Ban Chulabhorn Pattana and […]

Feb 252011
Betong-To The North, Scenery And Waterfalls

The route 410, 3004, 3026, 4028, 3027, 5045, 3006, 5032, Total distance 206 km Out on the 3004 and after a cloudy start its now a lovely day with no rain at all Bring your fishing rod Kevin if you ever venture down this way The Wanvisa Waterfall isnt really much at all Just past the waterfall a sign says Garden Flowers In Winter This is better Its flowers and vegetables here This road has been partly resurfaced since I was last here two years ago and the other bit is now getting the treatment The Intrasorn Waterfall I explore […]

Feb 242011
Betong To Ban Chulabhorn Phattana And Around

The route 4062, 410 Total distance 125 km First stop this morning was the 7-11 to get some water and while in there I saw the magic word, PORK, so I had a burger in there, 22 Baht with cheese and not bad either. I dont know if any of the hotels do a western breakfast but I havent seen any in the restaurants Off out along the 4062 and lots of muddy brown water in the rivers today as it rained heavily yesterday non stop from 4pm to midnight Hot, dry and sunny this morning with a lovely view […]

Feb 232011
Betong To The South

The route 410, 4244, 6020, 4062 Total distance 124 km First thing this morning was to try to find that Malaysian breakfast that gsforlife was talking about when he was in Betong I think I found it at N05.46.351 E101.04.233 near to my hotel This was nice, filling and only 20 Baht Time to set out, I ride to the north of town for fuel then take a left onto a new bypass thats being constructed Some good pictures overlooking the town from up here Theres a section where the surface isnt down yet plus this bridge isnt finished but […]

Feb 222011
Sungai Kolok To Betong

The route 4056, 4107, 4060, 4273, 410 Total distance 252 km Riding through a village and its a sad reflection of the troubles here that this vehicle is necessary to protect the teachers and children The platoon Commander comes over, shakes my hand and poses for the photo A rubber tapper at work through the trees Its been looking like rain since I left Sungai Kolok and in places the roads were wet and now its starts raining really hard for a while so I take shelter This tree was pleasing to the eye and from a distance the colour […]

Feb 242009
South of Betong

The route 4244, 4062, 5020
Total distance 138 km
First thing this morning was to get the bike washed as the wet weather riding I have done recently has really caked it it crap, very professional they are here even putting plugs in the air horns