Dec 192007
Todays trip was rather mundane after yesterdays ride

I took the 2074 out of Buriram heading north towards Phutthaisong

At Phutthaisong it was a left onto the 202 then the second exit the 2061 to Nong Song Hong

About 3 kim later its a right onto the 2301 which runs to a T junction with the 23, I turn left onto it and ride to the junction with highway 2

Heres a rare sight on the Khon Kaen line, a train, there must only be about 6 a day, you would need a lot of patience to be a trainspotter in this part of Thailand as it would be rather boring

I ride along highway 2 until about 25 km north of Khon Kaen then turn left onto the 2019 for the Ubon rat Dam, the water level here is much higher than I have ever seen it before

I ride on a few kms before taking the second reservoir picture and just past here the water level is really high as the road descends, I would think its at virtual maximum capacity now

I carry on past the reservoir to Non Sang then on to Nong Bua Lam Phu, here its a right onto the 210 and on to Udon Thani

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