Jan 142011

The route 226, 205, 201, 2170, 225

Total distance 485 km

A nice fresh chilly morning here in Buriram as I ride off at 7am, I have a long days ride on unfamiliar roads for me and an early start was a must, once a few km out of town and the 226 is a pleasant not too busy road

A shot from the 2170

Now from the 225 on which I spent a long time today

From the Phao Phang Heuy View Point

I ride through a village and as its 2000 km since my last oil change I stop here for one

The beauty of riding a domestically produced Honda, no appointment necessary, instant service, I was only off the road for about fifteen minutes and then I was on my way after being relieved of 110 Baht

I had a few diferent routes between these two towns to ponder over and after riding the brilliant fun twisty 225 I consider that I made the right choice

Approaching the rice bowl of Nakhon Sawan, not many photos today because of the distance.
I arrive in Nakhon Sawan at 15.30 after an 8.5 hour ride and 485 km and I am staying above the hairdressers where I stayed on last years trip

I go for a shower and when I return to my room I find this food waiting for me from the lovely Nok, I mentioned on my last stay here about getting up to find her washing my bike and how she was definitelt marriage material.
Now she has her Fiancee living here with her, lucky guy if he gets looked after like this

I go out to Italian Pizza at N15.42.816 E100.08.199 and pay 300 Baht for this disappointing pizza, I guess I was spoiled at Muang Pizza in Buriram as that one is the yardstick for me.
Get the gdb file here …

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