Jan 122011

The route 226, 3028, 2208, 3011, 214, 2283, 2122, 224, 2407, 219

Total distance 342 km

I took the 226 out of town then a right onto the quieter 3028 where this unusual roundabout is

A decent road for some of the way and a bit potholed in other places

The students are learning about irrigation

Its a very cold day today and this guy has the right idea

I reach the 2208 turning left onto it for a short time then its a right onto an unnumbered road to try out some back roads to Prasat, its a paved surface for a while then from N14.43.312 E103.13.655 to N14.43.061 E103.14.470 a distance of 1.5 km its unpaved.
Its then paved for 1km, then from N14.42.839 E103.14.917 to N14.42.774 E103.17.491 its another unpaved section of 5.1 km, just after this I turn right onto the 3011 and its a nice road all the way to Prasat

A pleasant looking house along the 3011

Along the 214 I stop here and no disputing how long this reservoir has been here

Now if only the sun would come out.
I ride to Chong Chom where I left off mapping from my Si Saket base last week then take a right onto the 2283 and a few km later take a left onto the 2122

Sadly this elephant is chained to the tree, just before spotting this elephant I see the largest snake that I have ever seen in the wilds crossing the road but sadly it escaped before I could photograph it, all I know was it was brown and large

Along the 224

At N14.27.100 E103.23.185 I take a left onto an unnumbered asphalt road, this one used to go so far then turn to dirt, it has now been surfaced and goes for 16.1 km looping back to the 224

I reach the Ban Khok Sung Reservoir and just before here the asphalt finishes at N14.25.753 E103.20.858 but its only 0.5 km of dirt then at N14.25.982 E103.20.968 its back to asphalt for the 1.4 km back to the 224

This reservoir is actually over full as these sandbags have been placed on the overflow to increase the capacity

This fella greets me back along the 224

I take a left onto the 2407 and ride to Prasat Tamuean Thom, the road finishes at N14.20.996 E103.15.999, with all these stones laying around they could build an extension

Lots of soldiers here today which I have never seen before but it is virtually right on the Cambodian border, from here I ride back a short way to N14.21.140 E103.15.972 then take a right onto an unpaved track which then runs very close to the Cambodian border.
I follow it until N14.20.995 E103.16.792 then as there appears to be nothing to see I turn around

Next stop was Prasat Tamuean Toch at N14.21.275 E103.15.691

And finally Prasat Tamuean at N14.21.338 E103.15.509

Further along and its sugar cane planting time

Away they go

Back on the 224 and while I stop to view the gps and the paper map these two come running out

A bit of barking now

Then its discussion time about what to do with the Farang

They get braver but wont come close enough to stroke, times getting on and I ride on along the 224 then turn right onto the 219 and ride home

A delicious lasagna, garlic bread and ordinary bread at Muang Pizza tonight for 140 Baht.

Get the gdb file here …

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