Mar 042010

The route 219, 224, 2120, 348, 3486, 348

Total distance 264 km

I took the 219 heading south out of Buri Ram

A few km south of town there is the Huai Talat reservoir either side of the road

I reach hwy 24 and cross over still on the 219

A few km past Ban Kruat I reach the 224 and take a right, a rare piece of greenery here

I take a left for a couple of km to visit the Huai Mek Dam

This small reservoir along this road is completely dry apart from the deep hole in the middle

Back on the 224

At Lahan Sai I take a left onto the 2120 and ride to the 348 at Non Din Daeng

The Rao Su monument is roadside at the south end of Non Din Daeng

The Klong Ma Nao Reservoir shot from the Rao Su monument

Some of the 348s lovely curves

A spectacular accident here

The cargo of crushed bottles is being loaded onto another lorry and theres no swarm of flies unlike the last time I saw an accident like this

I take a right onto the 3486

The surface is very dusty in places but thankfully only for a couple os sections

I take a right and ride three km to the Huai Yang reservoir

Its looks muddy here and its blowing a gale which helps to lower the temperature

The waves are quite large around the overflow and it resembles the ocean more than a lake

Back to the 3486 and some more twisty bits

I reach the 348, turn right onto it and ride to Aranyaprathet

I check in at the Aran Garden Hotel as usual and its still 150 Baht

Inside parking

A Korean style buffet opposite the bus station tonight for 99 Baht

Ice cream included here too

This friendly puppy appears on the next table to me

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  1. Hi!

    Just stumbled over your post ’bout Buriram.
    In 2007 I stayed in the same room near the train station.
    I took the same pictures you took! I thought that were mine.
    The bin in the pic of the bathroom is still in same position!

    Crazy, ain’t it?


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