Aug 062012

Another selection of photos from wednesday nights and sunday rides out

This Ducati is from 1972/73

Not the genuine speedometer by the looks of it


I dont see too many of these Panthers out and about

Well it amused me

This was stopped roadside and I stopped to see if the rider needed help, he had run out of fuel and his mate had gone to get some

Apparently its a Dresda 500 Suzuki thats been well tuned, is very light, goes well and has a very bad thirst

Although the registration plate says 1976/77 the owner said it is a 1973 model

I am guessing this is a YR5 from 1971/72, I had a gold and black one myself in the mid 1970s and enjoyed riding it back then

The YR5s replacement, the RD350

Now outside Compton Abbas Airfield just south of Shaftesbury in Dorset

Even at the airfield theres an old bike out for the day

Theres rain in the distance but I manage to avoid it

Some good twisties riding away from the airfield

Some of the nice villages I ride through on back roads just outside Salisbury

Now within 3 km from my home again riding along the narrow backroads

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