Nov 182014

Total distance 158 km
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6067.jpg
Some modifications BobS made for my bike yesterday
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6066.jpg
Flexible aluminium to hold the panniers off the side panels
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6065.jpg
And more importantly off the exhaust
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6073.jpg
They appear to do the job, total cost 150 Baht and next to no weight gain
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6071.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6070.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6069.jpg
A few shots from along the 1189
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6072.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6074.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6075.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6076.jpg
This reservoir at Mae On is virtually empty
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6077.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6079.jpg
Does anyone know how long this statue on the 1330 has been there?
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6080.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6081.jpg
A dead end dirt track
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6082.jpg
On the unmade section of the 1330 I take a right towards Ban Mae Wong and was surprised to find this just around the corner
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6083.jpg
A couple of my side road excursions were halted by this today
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6084.jpg
Looking tricky now
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6085.jpg
Time to turn around I think.
On one track like this I had nowhere to turn around and had to push the bike backwards uphill, I was glad of the lighter weight of the 150
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6086.jpg
In Ban Mae Wong
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6087.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6088.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6089.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6090.jpg
A few tracks were tried but all dead ends, on one muddy section I was surprised at not having the rear tyre spin.
I wondered if perhaps the narrower rear tyre bites down in the mud more and finds a better bottom surface for grip
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6091.jpg
Another excursion involved some water crossings
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6092.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6093.jpg
This was the terminus
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6094.jpg

Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6095.jpg
What the shooter brought home, I guess this delicacy is tonights food
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6096.jpg
Mae Takrai reservoir
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6097.jpg
Which was overflowing
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6100.jpg
Crossing these bridges was also a much easier job on the 150, I just happily rode across , on the 250 I often gingerly walked it over
Beyond Mae On 18-11-14-img_6101.jpg
Chicken parmighana with carbonera at Riders Corner 180 Baht (£3.60)


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  1. Thanks Kevin, its probably been two years since I last rode there and that’s why I didn’t remember seeing it before

  2. Hi Colin, I have pictures somewhere off the Monk statue in pieces on the ground from 3 years ago, and about a year and half ago saw the first pictures of it erected.

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