Feb 272011

The route 410, 3016,

Total distance 197 km

A chicken phad phet for breakfast then it was time to move out of Betong

I was away just after 7.30 and it was a bit misty in the hills

A lovely view and its not cold either

A couple of shots of the 410s curves, theres a bridge being built that will cut off 11 km of the twistiest section of this road from N06.02.817 E101.11.861 to N06.03.722 E101.11.646 but that should mean that most traffic will use the bridge and this twisty section will have virtually no traffic on it

I take a right to reach the point where I left off exploring yesterday

Along here I come across these heavily armed youngsters

I reach the 410 and go straight over to ride the other end of a road that I was on yesterday that turned to a track

This end also turns to a track at N06.05.569 E101.08.729 and according to my gps the two ends of the asphalt are only 1.6 km apart, another one to do next trip

This gentleman rides down and disappears up that narrow track, theres no way I am following him on my fully laden Phantom today

Thats the track he went up, its a bit narrow

I ride back some then take a left onto the 3016

This goes to the Malaysian border but its a steep climb up to the Army camp and I give it a miss

On the way back I take a left onto a narrow steep twisty side road that will take me back to the 410

These youngsters stop for a look while I am taking photos

This road soon turns very overgrown and I am half expecting it to finish but it stays surfaced

A bit hazy, perhaps some more rain is needed

I reach the 410, turn left and ride to Yala, then its fun and games looking for a hotel, after about 6 hotels I actually find one with a room

I check in at the Sri Yala Hotel at N06.33.502 E101.17.391 for 200 Baht

A comfortable double bed

Furniture and my own private toilet/shower

Time to eat, theres a Pizza Hut and a KFC right here, I look at the pizza and ask about a super supreme one but I am reminded that this is Muslim territory and because it has pork on it they dont sell it here, I could have strangled her.
I decide to get a portion of fries from KFC for 45 Baht and a whole chicken for 120 Baht from this place at N06.33.520 E101.17.278

This is a grilled rather than fried chicken and not bad but for the second time this holiday I cant finish my meal

Fortunately a new friend turns up to help me out and she patiently waits there as I feed her scraps, bones and offal

After we finish the chicken off between us she trots off a happy dog probably not quite believing her luck.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Bit confused about your road numbers.  You mention 3016 and 410 but it seems the Google map shows 4106 – the route I am considering.
    Thx for your work.

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