Feb 232011

The route 410, 4244, 6020, 4062

Total distance 124 km

First thing this morning was to try to find that Malaysian breakfast that gsforlife was talking about when he was in Betong

I think I found it at N05.46.351 E101.04.233 near to my hotel

This was nice, filling and only 20 Baht

Time to set out, I ride to the north of town for fuel then take a left onto a new bypass thats being constructed

Some good pictures overlooking the town from up here

Theres a section where the surface isnt down yet plus this bridge isnt finished but by next visit it should be open

I ride down to the border then take a left onto the 4244 which follows the border

A totally different day today weather wise and its very hot

Theres a man attacking the ants nests

Some flour or whatever is thrown in and lots of the ants flicked out, unfortunately I appeared to get some of them in my direction and it was a quick shirt off to get rid of the buggers

I guess the ants arent too pleased having their nests broken open and their eggs taken

I see these two guys and the woman with them stopping at a few different places to get their eggs and after a while they have quite a lot

The two guys ride off on one bike dragging their long pole along while the woman and the two dogs ride on another bike

A good twisty road along here

A lovely day, a good road and the stunning scenery of the beautiful Yala province, I am a lucky man to be here enjoying this

Asphalt finishes on the 4244 at N05.39.034 E101.07.817 and the offroad track that loops back up can be explored next trip

I explore a number of small side roads and ride an offroad section through a rubber plantation

Back on asphalt again

I hope the hill isnt that steep or I will be pushing the Phantom up it

I eat street food again tonight at N05.46.432 E101.04.298

Two pieces of chicken and a portion of rice for 70 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. It is still less safe than other parts of Northern Thailand. Great reports Capt Slash

  2. Sure like this report; this is the area where you’re told never too travel. Glad to see that’s changed

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