Feb 252011

The route 410, 3004, 3026, 4028, 3027, 5045, 3006, 5032,

Total distance 206 km

Out on the 3004 and after a cloudy start its now a lovely day with no rain at all

Bring your fishing rod Kevin if you ever venture down this way

The Wanvisa Waterfall isnt really much at all

Just past the waterfall a sign says Garden Flowers In Winter

This is better

Its flowers and vegetables here

This road has been partly resurfaced since I was last here two years ago and the other bit is now getting the treatment

The Intrasorn Waterfall

I explore every piece of asphalt that I find today and lots of them finish like this, some of them carry on as unpaved and link up with other asphalt roads according to my gps, these will be explored next trip

I will be missing this stunning scenery and lovely fresh air in a week or so as I am riding north of Bangkok

These friendly youngsters were only too happy to pose for a photo whilst enjoying their ice lollies

Another fun days riding with brilliant scenery and good roads

The burger Ladys youngest daughter who is full of mischief and who I expect in a few years time will be helping to cook my burgers

The eldest daughter does the cooking tonight, four burgers for 100 Baht and I am full.

Get the gdb file here …

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